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Breaking: Caldwell Lt. Joey Hoadley Served ‘Termination Papers’

By • May 11, 2022

Caldwell Police Lt. Joey Hoadley has been served “termination papers,” according to five different sources who contacted Idaho Dispatch.

Hoadley was previously listed as an employee in “good standing” before the revelation about the termination papers. Idaho Dispatch currently submitted a public records request to the city of Caldwell about Hoadley’s current employment status.

However, Idaho Dispatch learned today that once Hoadley was given the papers for termination, he had approximately two weeks to respond.

It is unclear exactly which day Hoadley received the termination papers or when the final date for him to respond is.

Hoadley is currently facing two federal felony charges. Hoadley’s trial was moved from June to September.

The F.B.I. has been investigating several members of the police department for nearly two years.

3 thoughts on “Breaking: Caldwell Lt. Joey Hoadley Served ‘Termination Papers’

  1. Our politicians and government employees are no more than a crime gang. They are the #1 crime gang in this nation. Wake up and start paying attention.

    1. So right…I live in Owyhee County stay tuned more on practices there coming in the next few weeks.
      They continue to say that Owyhee County has no money yet they recently lost a BLM case. .what kind money to they get to appeal …who pays for this. If they can’t afford to hire the right people for some of the jobs then how come they continue to put themselves a position to be sued…I think the insurance for the County may have a problem with stupid moves on the decisions being made that are going to cost them in a big way. I also think that some of these decision makers could actually be personally liable in some cases…maybe this is the key to resolve.

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