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Breaking: Articles of Impeachment Drafted Against Governor Little

By • January 26, 2021

A number of legislators have spoken out against Governor Brad Little over the last year ever since his initial “stay-at-home” order.

During Idaho’s “Extraordinary Session” last August, a resolution was filed in the Idaho House to end the emergency order. That resolution passed the House but was never taken up by the Idaho Senate.

The 2021 Idaho legislative session is underway and a number of proposals are in the legislature to end the emergency order.

Last week Little criticized the legislature for attempting to end the order and asked citizens to tell their legislators to back down. Some legislators spoke out against Little and some supported his criticism.

No legislator was more outspoken in their criticism of Little than Rep. Chad Christensen, a Republican in District 32.

Idaho Dispatch has been given a draft bill (DRRCB136) from Christensen that calls for Governor Brad Little to be impeached by the Idaho House.

Christensen had the articles of impeachment drafted for consideration during the 2021 Idaho legislative session.

Within the impeachment articles are seven primary reasons Christensen says the governor should be impeached. A summary of the allegations are listed below and an image of the actual bill can be found at the end of this article:

Article 1: The governor has abused his power by repeatedly extending and enhancing the state of emergency and amassing power to his office that should rest with the legislative and judicial branches in violation of the Idaho Constitution and Idaho statutes.

Article 2: The governor has unconstitutionally and through a series of factually unsupported emergency proclamations merged the powers of the legislative and judicial branches into the executive branch.

Article 3: The governor violated Section 13, Article VII of the Idaho Constitution by creating a committee to determine how some federal money was to be spent which only the legislature only has the authority to do.

Article 4: The governor violated Idahoans’ rights to self-determination, the right to earn a living, the right to freely associate with others, the right to exercise their religion, the right to travel, and the right to informed consent, and self-determination for medical issues.

Article 5: The governor acted on his own, without the approval of the legislature, by suspending numerous statutes of the state of Idaho.

Article 6: The governor violated his oath of office by not discharging the duties of his office to support the Constitution of the United States and the Idaho State Constitution.

Article 7: The governor has violated the 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The governor also violated Sections 1, 2, 4, 10, and 13, Article 1, of the Idaho Constitution.

Idaho Dispatch asked Christensen what his primary motivation was for filing the Articles of Impeachment. Here is what Christensen told us:

I feel Governor Little has violated the Constitution in many aspects. The most egregious violations are of the 1st Amendment, by not allowing people to peacefully assemble and later limiting those gatherings. He has violated the right to worship by shutting down churches. He has violated the contract clause in the Constitution by shutting down businesses and interfering with business contracts. He has violated the Idaho Constitution by appropriating funds, only the legislature has that authority. The list is much longer, but these are the most significant for me.

I stand on principle and the Constitution. I don’t do this to incite violence or cause division. I do what I feel is right.

I am truly sorry for those affected by COVID. I am not heartless. However, nothing justifies the gross violation of God-given rights, in my opinion.

I have entertained the idea of impeachment for some time. At a point in time, I decided to back off. Recently, Governor Little gave a speech stating that it is a myth that he has violated rights protected in the Constitution. At that time, I had enough. It was time to educate all Idahoans of his blatant violations

In order to move the articles of impeachment forward, Christensen will have to introduce the draft in the House State Affairs Committee. That committee is currently chaired by Rep. Brent Crane (R-Nampa).

Idaho Dispatch asked Christensen if he believes that impeachment had any chance to pass through committee and eventually the entire Idaho House.

Here is what Christensen said,

As stated, my main mission is to educate all Idahoans. I believe most Idahoans are very aware of Governor Little’s violations of the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions. However, there are many out there that are not apprised of these violations.

The impeachment bill has a tough hill to climb to get through the House State Affairs Committee. Chairman Crane has previously indicated that he did not want to hear an impeachment bill. However, I am hopeful that will citizens and other legislators reaching out to him and making their voices known that they want this to happen, he will at least give it a public hearing and a chance for the people frustrated with the governor to have their voices heard. “

Little’s office has previously informed Idaho Dispatch that he does not comment on pending legislation. Therefore, we will not be reaching out to him for comment at this time.

If Little does come out with public comment in the future, Idaho Dispatch will cover his response accordingly.

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to House State Affairs Committee Chairman Crane for comment but have not yet received a response.

Do you believe Governor Little should be impeached?

Let us know in the comments below.

(Click the images above to enlarge them.)

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61 thoughts on “Breaking: Articles of Impeachment Drafted Against Governor Little

    1. Absolutely! Gov Little does not represent the people. He is not my Daddy or Savior. I will not stand bye and watch our free Constitutional Country be destroyed by a Dictator overstepping the rule of law and bill of rights for We the People!

  1. I want to change the way we pick our primary candidate In Idaho I have made phone calls to make sure Republicans get out to vote , the list were supposed to be Republicans, 69% were Democrats voting in our primary to pick the most liberal candidates out of the Republicans, then switching over to vote in their own election, that’s how you get a Brad little, Change this in Idaho or you will never get a conservative.

    1. It’s critical to fix the primary system and to ban voting machines and vote counting machines as soon as possible

  2. Yes!!!i think he should be Impeached!
    Just follow the Money! No health Pandemic or other Emergency is mentioned in our constitution Allowing for our God Given rights under such to be violated as Little has done. I also think we need an independent Audit as to where all this Federal Money has been going that Little is So Motivated by!!

  3. No. Although I am not happy with emergency orders and believe Little is a Rino. The legislature ended last year’s session early because of Covid and was not motivated to reconvene. Therefore he did the best he could. It’s easy to say differently in retrospect…now its time to move on. Idaho was still among the best circumstances and best performing economically in the U.S.

    1. Problem there is Gov Little had the responsibility to call a special session, he didn’t. He acted, out of scope, and took upon himself, the duties of our legislative body which violates both Constitutions. If he did the best he could, he is unfit for office as he doesn’t know the rules by which he bound or the oath he took. IMHO

    2. Little should have called an emergency session before he made all his decisions. “The best he could” does not give him the right to violate the constitution. Any mandate or law he creates that goes against the supreme law of the land…even in a time of crisis (although the Wuhan virus is not a crisis), is no law at all!

    3. Nonsense. He could have called them back into special session, and was asked to do so multiple times, but he refused. I back this effort.

  4. While I believe our governor did violate both US and Idaho constitutions, and I believe there should be only one law that applies equally to everyone (in this case any governor), bringing articles of impeachment is a far cry from removing the governor.

    With that in mind, I believe an impeachment is warranted.

    Representatives and Senators will hear and try the charges, and justice will be done. This is the only way to move forward while maintaining the rule of law.

    Were legislators to be denied that opportunity to try the charges, we would find ourselves no better than the DC Swamp, where no one is ever tried for real, substantial crimes.

  5. The congress and the Senate are also to blame in this atrocity, they could’ve prevented this and didn’t. Therefore even though I’m for getting rid of Little, I say no impeachment and let the voters decide when his term is up. This is my opinion and while you’re at it, have them save face by getting rid of the state income tax.

  6. Yes get him out. Legislative you have my vote. Take him out there many reasons I want him out. CV is one of them.

  7. Impeachment of Little is a good start. He has never shown himself to be anything other than a RINO and has definitely violated our constitutional rights. Beyond that we need to look closely at our legislators as well. We need a truly conservative state government with a back bone to protect us as much as possible from the garbage that is already coming out of DC.

  8. It more than likely won’t happen, but I agree it will help educate many people on the violations he committed. If Trump is standing trial for impeachment over literally nothing I believe Little should stand trial and be reminded that he works for the people of Idaho and not just the ones in the Northend of Boise…..

  9. Due to the fact he appears to be only listening to money and not the residents of Idaho I feel this is appropriate. The residents of Idaho need to be heard… maybe he will hear us now

  10. Yes. He should be impeached. Representative Chad Christiansen sets the example that all of our elected officials should be following without question because when they were sworn into office, each one of them promised just one thing, to uphold and defend the constitution.

    Every one of them that doesn’t support Little’s impeachment is violating their oath and therefore should also be removed from office as well. The problem is, our country has been treating our constitution like toilet paper for many years and our elected officials are just getting worse every year. It is disgraceful.

    The government- run education system has been dumbing down our citizens, teaching them nothing but to listen to and follow government authority and endocrinating them in communist ideology. This is why we need Opportunity Scholarships for every child in this country, so parents can choose the best school for their children to go to.

  11. Yes, Little should be impeached. He has never stood for the people of Idaho. We need someone who defend our rights, not demolish them.

  12. Littles crimes are far worse than they appear. Now that it has been proven that Covid never existed,
    It is clear it was part of a planned marxist overthrow of the United States, which is now complete. Littles ties to China are well documented and he should be arrested and charged with treason.
    In the mean time Idaho should be in discussion with other states about secession. Only a few states need to take action. Once the rest see that there is a way out, nearly all will join.

  13. Everyone needs to write to their legislatures to ensure that our voices are heard! This “shut down” was a disaster and totally unnecessary for this hoax of a pandemic. What are we willing to give up for a virus that is just as contagious and deadly as the flu!? Our children are suffering, our businesses are suffering, out mental health is suffering because of what Little has forced upon us by his own actions. He is only serving the treasure valley area which is full of transplants who have destroyed their own states and are now coming to do it here as well. ALL of Idaho needs to be heard and we need to take our freedom and state back. But the only way we can do this is by writing our legislators and reminding them that they work for us! I got the list of all the legislators and their email addresses and sent them a lengthy note letting them know that this hypocrisy and dictatorship needs to end! I encourage everyone to do the same so they are fully aware of how unhappy their people are.

  14. Now if the Lt. Governor could serve out the rest of Little’s term it would be wonderful wo see him impeached…

  15. I agree with impeachment. No elected official can violate their office under the law or in any way. The legislature in this state has been violated by this governor and he acted under illegal actions to them his office and Idaho citizens. He has exceeded his authority many times. This is America not a third world country!

  16. Covid 19 is a bad virus that kills people. Every virus kills people. Any Government that tries to stop it citizens from walking about freely in public, without face masks, is violating citizens right under the 1st amendment. Citizens restrained from their rights to assemble in church, restaurants, and other public places, also violates the 1st amendment. Government officials who violate my rights under the Constitution should be arrested, prosecuted and removed from their job.

  17. Speaking as a new Idaho property owner fixing to retire here (Coming from Texas), I can tell everyone here that you need to follow through with this and hold your elected officials accountable; Texas has failed to do so, and will slide off the precipice in the coming decade. It is only a matter of time before politicians become ensconced and thus very hard to remove from office, and people, due to their nature fail to act while the iron is hot so to speak. This will also have the added benefit of revealing the true nature of your elected legislators and whether or not they are willing to do your bidding. You should use this process to find out what legislators are truly loyal to their constituents and which ones are not; then start primarying them out of office.

    That is your only way forward if you want to prevent getting Californicized……

  18. I totally agree governor little has proven to be corrupted and needs to be removed. He has shown himself to be a RINO and part of the problem . not the solution. I signed the recall when it was proposed. Im pretty sure more people would sign now after having been awakened to the truth.

  19. Please hold him accountable and impeach.

    Idaho is the last bastion of hope in the US. I am currently in New Hampshire (Live free or die) and it is looking grim even here.

    Soon there will be nowhere else left to go.

  20. He should have been recalled/impeached the first time! Republican party DOES need to have PARTY ONLY primary! I didn’t vote for him! The research I did on him….. I would never vote for this man! He’s a RINO and I believe he has too many friends in CCP

  21. Little is not a conservative. Can’t have switching parties to vote in Primary, then switch back. Gotta stop this! This is how we ended up with a liberal governor in the Republican Party. Little is a Democrat with an R in front of his name.

  22. Less Cuomo/Newsom More Kristi Noem. She proved it could be done without violation of the different constitutions. Governor and all legislaturors that approved need to go.

  23. Yes governor little needs to be gone. This is why the founding fathers wrote the constitution for ppl like him. He has no right to ruin ppl life’s. GET HIM OUT..

  24. It is so clear to me that Governor Little is involved with this COVID AJENDA .. we that have COMMON SENSE, know the state did not have to close business or schools… its the
    FLU… the intent is to kill the economy and put citizens in a place to want/ need tax payers money/ Stimulus money… America was build on hard working people, especially our farmers! When we work hard to build a business and a Governor say, “SHUT IT DOWN” it’s a bitter pill, especially when we all can see what is REALLY HAPPENING…. and when our own Governor plays into it for the sake of FEAR/PRESSURE OR FINANCIAL GAIN…. there is a huge problem.. No one should ever lie to be a part of the GREAT RESET . If our Governor can stand up for our Constitutionally rights then he has FAILED IDAHO CITIZENS.. the CONSTITUTION IS QUITE EASY TO UNDERSTAND, it is our protection against tyrants like
    our Governor!… now is the time to speak up, let’s be a Voice while we can !!!! AMERICA, land of the free because of the brave!!!!! Take back our country, we pay them to up hold our rights… FAILED US !!!!

  25. Obviously there are too many people complaining on the internet about how bad everything is and not exercising their right to vote or this wouldn’t have happened in the first place

  26. Absolutely. The constitution is on our side. Little is the poster child of an establishment politician. As far a constitutionalist as it comes. He needs to be removed

    Thanks to efforts of courageous legislators to move forward

    I will do everything I can to help

  27. Four out of five who move here register as Republicans. And as Conservative Constitutional Christians, we are with you all who want to remove this rino governor who disregards his oath of office. Today we see when bad behavior has no consequence, that bad behavior worsens. We escaped CA and we sure as heck do not want Idaho to become CA, so fight like the blazes people, we are with you in this fight.

  28. I, for one, would like to see where all the “emergency” funds went to. He (Idaho supposedly) recieved millions of dollars for supposed Covid relief and it was given based upon Idaho’s covid numbers. This money was supposed to go to support local business’s that had to close, to update online procedures, software and other things for teleheath visits, virtual school, etc, and other places that were hurt by shutting down the state and forcing closures. I have NEVER heard of ONE place that benefited from these money’s… I could be wrong, but I never heard of anyone benefiting. Maybe the big hospitals did, but they already had the neccessary software in place… what about the thousands of rural health clinics? those that had to severely limit their clinics and therefore hurting their patient’s because they didnt have any availability to the funds to make the adjustments required? I work rural health care and OMG, we had people forced to work IN TENTS through the long hot summer… a damned TENT that was well over 100 degree’s inside and patients who suffered while having to sit in their cars until they could be escorted inside. So where did this money go? Its not just this, as I wanted him out well before this, but because of this and the fact that he totally disregarded what the Idaho people were asking for, just cemented that fact. He needs to go and we need REAL people in our government who WILL have the Constitution in the forefront.

  29. The fact that he followed the lead of the likes of Newsome and Cuomo and the rest of those dictatorial governors is reason enough to remove him from office. Mandates to restrict citizens actions , unconstitutional, regulating our freedoms, unreasonable. For most of us, putting the information out there and showing us the respect to make our own decisions IS the American way. Giving businesses ‘suggestions’ on how to keep their patrons safe would have been appropriate and talking with the school board about healthy ways of safeguarding the teachers and students would have made more sense. But to just ‘DICTATE’ to the citizens of this state how things will be……. immorally oppressive.

  30. A bill introduced by a member of the house or state Senate should not be allowed to die at the whim of one committee member! Chairman Crane, or any one person, should not be allowed that much power. This is especially true with a bill such as this, one that seeks to impeach the governor! We also need to fix this problem of one party voting in another party‘s primary, this should’ve been fixed a long time ago.

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