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Brad Little Wins Re-Election Over Seven Primary Challengers

By • May 18, 2022

Governor Brad Little has won re-election over seven challengers.

With 98% of the votes reporting, Little held a 21-point lead over second-place challenger Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin. Little’s lead is currently at 53% to McGeachin’s 32%.

The other challengers were as follows: Ed Humphreys: 11%, Steve Bradshaw: 2%, Ashley Jackson: 1%, Lisa Marie: 1%, Ben Cannady: 1%, and Cody Usabel: 1%.

McGeachin was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in the race.

Little first became governor in 2018 in a three-way race with former Congressman Raul Labrador and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist.

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42 thoughts on “Brad Little Wins Re-Election Over Seven Primary Challengers

    1. Add all the other candidate percentages and still Little wins. I thought the same but the numbers say otherwise

    2. Do not vote Dem, that is sure disaster. As much as I disapprove and disagree with Little, he is 10 times better than a Dem.

    3. Sadly, even if everyone who voted for one of the other candidates had voted for Janice, she would not have won. Now we will have another 4 years of Tyrant Little. People have short memories.

      1. Better check the voting rolls and Dimion vote counting machines.
        Remember in 2018 and 2020 used remotes from out of the country. And rigged the election for DEMONRATS. As long as they are in use the tyranny will continue. And DEMONRATS will have control.

      2. Not so fast…the General Election hasnt happened, and he has to face off against Ammon Bundy, who is running as a Independant.

  1. Democrats running as Republicans won in a landslide in every race. When we fled CA we imagined people here were much smarter than Californians. We were mistaken.

  2. Unreal. How could Brad Little receive a single vote. Who the hell are these people voting for him

    1. Because Republicans have an open primary which allows Dems to register as Republicans and vote in it, plus way to many run.

      1. The Republican primary is closed in Idaho and has been for years. It makes no difference, the RINOS still get in.

        1. BS. Anyone can walk in at the time of the vote and declare their party affiliation to get the correct ballot. Dems did indeed and in number vote the Republican ticket

  3. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. If the other primary candidates really wanted to unseat Chicken Little, why didn’t they drop out and support the one polls showed had the best chance of succeeding?

    When I stood in line yesterday, I overheard several new Idaho voters registering to vote in Idaho for the first time. They were absolutely clueless, most were deciding at the last minute which party’s ballot to choose. Had they really not known beforehand who they wanted to vote for? “We’re doomed,” I thought.

    1. How many are illegal aliens or not citizens. Most like most of them. But you won’t know until the votes have been counted for the DEMONRATS.

  4. I haven’t spoken to a single person who enjoys Little as Governor. That’s a great question, who voted for him? Does anyone know? It seems like voting is meaningless even in red states. What are our options now?

    1. It’s called remove the voting machines by force, or become Colorado, then California, then Venezuela.
      People think there are ways out of this that don’t involve violence. They are in denial

        1. They still run them through the Dimion vote counting machines. You need to learn how the election is done. No hand counting in the last 40 years. That how they stay in control.

          1. 3 counties use dominion based counting machines, Canyon being one. All others “claim” to use un connected tabulation machines. At my voting location I have put my ballot in the same machines for at least 20years.

  5. This is EXACTLY what I predicted last year! I posted about how many were running against Little and that the votes would be watered down. In fact, Several of us posted about how Humphrey should back out and support McGeachin. Did he listen? NO, of course not!

    There’s too many voters out there who don’t know the real Little, and they only hear him state how he did this and did that for Idaho, further brainwashing every one of them into thinking Little’s the best thing for our state. Not one of them bothered to look into who they were voting for, nor did they see all the negative things he’s done in just the last couple years. It should come as no surprise this is how it turned out.

  6. Well, it’s nothing surprising that it was a RINO sweep, Idaho is captured by Davos like just about every other State in County. The system is dead, the Tree of Liberty can not be watered from this well, time to dig a new one.

    1. Voting machines. Only issue that matters. How can people who saw the 20 presidential election ever think they will have a real election again, until the machines are removed. (Or the 16,12 and 08 elections with tens of thousands of reports of vote changing by machines) This needs to be priority number one for every person in Idaho. Forget all these other issues, none of them mean a thing until this one is fixed. We need a completely new voting system, where all counting is done by hand, on camera, supervised by independent citizen panels, and videos placed online forever. The machines for voting and for counting must be removed

  7. Seems like every freedom and liberty loving candidate was defeated by Globalist loving RINO’s except for Labrador. What the heck is going on in Idaho? Wonder how many Democrats switched party to vote “their” ticket?

  8. I think we’ve only gotten a taste of just how awful the CCP favored Little is willing to be. If we all get busy now talking to our neighbors, we still have a chance to elect Ammon Bundy as Governor. He’s not perfect (no one else is either), but I think he might be just the informed, seriously backboned kind of person that Idaho is going to desperately need as times get even worse.

    1. Well we know for certain, Ammon Bundy is not afraid to stand up to authority when they are trampling our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! He has certainly proved that over the last 10+ years!

  9. Also, it seems incorrect to say that Little Tyrant won re-election, when he only won the Republican primary. IMO, we still have a great alternative for governor. Words are important. Let’s not influence people’s thinking to a predestined bad outcome. Please re-edit the article.

    1. Sadly, it is a foregone conclusion. If the liberty loving people of Idaho could not muster enough votes to help Janice win the primary, what makes anyone think that they can do so in the general election? Obviously, we will not vote for Little in the general, but it will take a miracle for him to lose.

    2. Yes! We need a three way debate with Chicken Little, Bundy and, whoever the Dem Gov. candidate is. Let’s let them hash it out in person!

  10. Between Dems being payed to change affiliation so they could vote for Little, and Humphries being planted so as to split votes further, its all rigged.

  11. Susie Miller – I’m leaning that way myself. Beginning to think that there may be enough honest conservative Republicans in the legislature to keep a liberal in check, instead of RINO Little.

    And Linda – The people of Idaho don’t have a short memory, they either have NO memory, or they want to turn the state over to the liberals. They gave the state away by voting little again. Kiss your FREEDOM good bye.

    And StableJenius- you’re spot on. Clueless is a good description.

    And as many of you stared (especially you Lawrence) the voting machines need to be tossed. They’re as crooked as a RINO.

    Rachelles – spot on. We MAY have an opportunity to elect a real governor. November is coming, and I’m thinking hard.

    Luke – you are probably right. I agree with you.

  12. If we can get Ammon Bundy, Little and the Dem candidate for Gov in a three way debate, Ammon can drop many truth bombs on the public of what Little has done to Idaho, especially over the last couple of years! People need to learn the truth about Little.

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