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Boise’s New Housing Code Requires Circuit for Electric Cars

By • December 8, 2020

Mayor Lauren McLean of Boise made it clear on her campaign trail that she wanted to focus on the environment as part of her efforts if elected.

After her election and during her “State of the City” address, McLean said, “Boise will be a climate innovation leader, not just because we want to, but because we must.”

Boise says it wants to have clean electricity for everyone by 2035.

McLean’s office has joined an effort to plant more trees in conjunction with a global initiative to plant one trillion trees, Additionally, McLean’s also announced the formation of the “Climate Action Group” which “…places climate solutions and innovation at the center of our efforts to create opportunity for everyone.”

Now, McLean has also taken another step in her environmental plan by requiring all new single-family homes and townhouses to have circuits installed which can later be used by a homeowner who wishes to install a charging station for their electric car.

Electric vehicles must be plugged into a 240-volt circuit and not the standard 120-vote circuit that is the common circuit found throughout your home.

Here is the full press release by McLean’s office:

I’m excited to share that we made a small change to our city code that will have a significant impact on Boise’s energy future. The new code requires that newly constructed single-family homes and townhouses with garages have a higher voltage circuit. This update will allow the homeowner to install a charging station for their electric vehicle.

As we create a clean city for everyone, the shift in providing an option to include an electric circuit capable of charging an electric car has the potential to make a significant impact by removing a barrier to owning a green vehicle in Boise.

As more and more residents choose electric vehicles, our community will benefit from a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. We set an ambitious goal of 100% clean electricity for our community; this is another step towards that goal.

I want to thank our City Electrical Board, Planning and Development Services Department, Public Works Department and City Council for helping to make this happen. We’re taking every responsible step we can to create a thriving green future for every resident of Boise. Working together, we can Impact the course of climate change.

The cost of installing the circuit will cost extra money on top of whatever the homeowner is going to currently pay. Estimates Idaho Dispatch could find range anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for full installation.

Boise’s new code on installing these circuits in new homes will begin on January 1st, 2021.

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5 thoughts on “Boise’s New Housing Code Requires Circuit for Electric Cars

  1. McLean is idaho’s version of Ocrazio- Cortex bringing her green new deal to Boise. Home prices are already unaffordable to many so why not burden new home buyers with additional costs? After all in the radical left’s Brave New World, they know what is best for you. Why should the serfs be allowed to make decisions about power outlets in their homes, or what kind of car to drive. Big Sis knows best.

  2. Amen Mark. McLean Sanchez and the new sheriff in town will turn this into a communist Shithole like California, New York. California refugees and others States are moving here driving up the housing market and they have money. I work in real estate and they are paying cash for half million to three million dollars and up. A home transaction that just happened was an offer$40,000 over appraised value. That’s happening everywhere. Seems GREAT but the people don’t need work or have a job that pays high and can work from home. Bad for the ones that have lived here don’t make much and to buy a house is out of the question. The left and the great reset they want no property owners by 2030 and everyone leaving in apts or with family and left says we’ll like it. This virus is not real. It’s an election infection to enforce deadly vaccine. I could go on for hours of all the research I’ve done. We must need to McClean out IMMEDIATELY she is very bad for boise and Idaho.

  3. All Boise homes already come with space for bicycle parking, which is much greener . Electric vehicle battery production and disposal are definitely not good for the environment. This seems more like propaganda, and like so many liberal politicians, it reeks of image over substance. How many of these required circuits will ever be used?

  4. Another reason not to live in Boise. I don’t need another reason. I also don’t shop in Boise, preferring to give my money to businesses that are not supporting a socialist/communist city government

  5. “I want to thank our City Electrical Board, Planning and Development Services Department, Public Works Department and City Council for helping to make this happen.”

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