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Boise Police Say No Motive Known Yet for Boise Towne Square Mall Shooting

By • December 2, 2021

Boise Police say that they do not know the motive for the mall shooting on October 25.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the BPD recently to ask about a possible motive. Here is the response we received from Haley Williams, the Public Information Officer for the BPD,

A motive has not been determined at this time.  While we have gathered evidence about the suspect and his history, it may be that we never determine an official motive.

The suspect in the shooting was Jacob Bergquist, 27, who shot and killed two people and injured at least four others. The two victims who died as a result of the shooting were Jo Acker and Robert Padilla.

Bergquist was taken into custody according to police but later died at the hospital due to a gunshot wound. It is still not known whether Bergquist died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or was shot by police.

BPD said in a press conference the time that their officers had exchanged gunfire with the suspect.

Bergquist said that he was a convicted felon from Illinois on his YouTube channel, which has since been taken down. According to his previous interactions with elected officials here in Idaho, including an attempt by Bergquist to talk to Governor Brad Little, Bergquist wanted to change Idaho laws regarding convicted felons possessing firearms.

Idaho Dispatch had received a tip about where Bergquist was living at the time of the shooting.

You can see what our live broadcast was in the video below:

According to some of the residents we spoke with in the area, Bergquist frequently rode his bike around the neighborhood. Residents also claimed that Bergquist open carried a firearm every day.

Idaho Dispatch will continue to provide further details if they become publicly available.

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2 thoughts on “Boise Police Say No Motive Known Yet for Boise Towne Square Mall Shooting

  1. Very Strange!

    Why was FBI involved? It sounds like they know more than what we are being told!

    The fact is if he was shot by police, a bullistic test would show that from the bullet he was shot with or not. The people have a right to know that info.

    What does the Police Chief from Oregon have to say?

    This article makes it look like they don’t know how to investigate. Suspect in question posted on Facebook then it’s taken down?

    Lots of unknowns here. Hope it’s not just brushed aside as a cover up of some sort just saying!

  2. I agree with Abba. The FBI is not forthcoming about their investigation and they always seem to side with political narratives in high profile cases. The entire narrative of who this shooter was is suspect and expedient for political agenda seekers. He desire to have an audience with Gov. Little and this reported antics at the mall prior to the shooting all make for great political haystacks being formed. This reflects the same handling of other “mass shooter” cases of recent past. All the markers pop up. We are all supposed to remain in the dark and not ask questions and then THEY will advise us when they can make use of this event later.

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