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Boise No Longer Requiring Masks, Gathering Size Limitations

By • May 15, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control has changed its guidelines on mask-wearing.

According to the CDC’s new guidelines, masks no longer need to be worn by people who are fully vaccinated under most circumstances. Whether indoors or outdoors and whether you are in a small group or a large group, the CDC says you are fine not to wear a face-covering or social distance as long as you have been completely vaccinated against COVID-19.

The city of Boise is also dropping its restrictions on the size of crowds that can gather as well as its requirements for face-coverings.

Mayor Lauren McLean announced the decision in a short video released on the city of Boise’s YouTube channel. McLean said that even with the new guidelines, she encourages people to get the COVID-19 shots.

McLean also said that the requirements would remain for city-owned facilities while reevaluating their current protocols.

Finally, McLean said that businesses can still make their own guidelines and that the city would support them in however they wish to enforce those guidelines.

Many large companies such as Walmart and Costco have already announced they are dropping their face-covering requirements as long as customers are vaccinated against COVID-19. Walmart says that they will not be screening people to ask if they have been vaccinated or not.

Governor Brad Little just days ago had also moved Idaho into “Stage 4” of his “Stages of Reopening” guidelines. Those guidelines also remove gathering size limitations but still encourage social distancing, and face-coverings would still be strongly “recommended.”

Little’s guidelines also encourage everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

What do you think of the CDC and Boise’s new guidelines? Do you support them or oppose them?

Let us know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Boise No Longer Requiring Masks, Gathering Size Limitations

  1. The Mayor, The Governor and CDH have zero Constitutional ability to impose Mandates or Passports of any kind. As far as the Fed’s CDC they have more than proven themselves complete incompetents.

    What needs to be investigated is whether or not The Mayor(s), Governor and certain individuals at CDH proceeded with illegal actions against The People.

    If any of them crossed the line they should be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.

  2. Step in the right direction, but still not enough. These megalomaniacs need to understand that the power is not theirs.

  3. I don`t, and I won`t wear a mask, as far as the number of people that I choose to gather with, I have done exactly as I saw fit when it comes to gatherings.

  4. Oh, our wise and glorious mayor is allowing her subjects to breathe again. Forgive me for not being grateful to Her Highness.

    Nor will I forget how many Boiseans went along with her evil mandates, and actually tattled on others using that ridiculous hotline.

  5. With less than 30% of people having received the experimental injections, removing all these mandates is an admission they were a mistake to begin with. If they were ever necessary at all then they still are. Of course, they never were. McClean and Little should be arrested.

  6. That so many are dependent on getting an “all clear” from an organization that benefits financially from vaccines is alarming. That the CDC has repeatedly reversed their information, statistics, protocols, etc. is very concerning.

    This is not about the science since there is abysmal science available about the virus (if it is a virus), about the treatments, and about the experimental injection (cannot label it a vaccine since it does not prevent the illness).

  7. What the HELL is wrong with us ?
    Why is Mayor B not recalled yet ??? Cali can collect 1.7Mil signatures but we can’t find 23K. It’s ridiculous, let’s get this started and take it serious this time !!! People want retribution !

    Recall Mayor B

  8. I agree with everyone of these comments!
    McClean and Little should be RECALLED!
    Absolute government overreach.
    We all know the truth about COVID, masks, the experimental jab! They need to stop pushing these shots! Especially on children!
    I really wonder if they ever/even listen to WE THE PEOPLE ?

  9. Yes, McLean should be recalled.

    The section of Boise city code that gives the mayor unilateral power to lock down the city by imposing quarantines, curfews and business closures needs to be amended. No one should have that much power.

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