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Boise Mayor Sets Up Hotline to Report Businesses Violating Health Order, Will Strip Licenses for Violations

By • November 20, 2020

Cities across Idaho are telling their citizens that Coronavirus numbers are going up and that hospitals are full of patients who are ill with the Coronavirus.

As a result, some cities are pushing mask mandates and other measures as we saw in Lewiston and Pocatello yesterday.

The city of Boise has been in a modified “Stage 2” for some time now which includes a mask mandate. Additionally, the Central District Health, of which Boise is a part, has had a mask mandate in place throughout Ada County since June 24th.

But for Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, more needed to be done to get better compliance with the health order and so a new order has been issued which begins on Monday, November 23rd.

McLean held a press conference where she outlined further efforts by the city to gain better compliance with the health order.

The city has set up a hotline to report non-compliant businesses and has said that the city will revoke the licenses of businesses that refuse to comply.

In the press conference, McLean said she was using her new order to help businesses. She said by using the Boise Police Department to help with compliance she is helping more businesses stay open.

McLean argued that by holding business accountable who aren’t compliant, it will help protect public health.

Rather than just closing certain sectors of businesses, McLean said they were using a “scalpel” approach by targeting non-compliant businesses only.

McLean called the approach “innovative” and “unique.” She told the press that,

There’s nothing that we won’t do to protect public health.

A business that is non-compliant would lose their license for a minimum of 10 days for the first offense and a minimum of 20 days on the second offense according to McLean.

McLean said that if a complaint is called in, code enforcement officers would go to the business and do an inspection to find out if they are in fact out of compliance with the order.

In addition to these new efforts, the mayor also announced that city hall and other government buildings will be closed for the time being.

Mclean also closed Idaho IceWorld, the Dick Eardley Senior Center, and all Boise public pools until September of 2021. This means that Boise’s municipal pools will not be open next summer.

For those wishing to see the details of the guidelines, you can see it on the city’s Coronavirus page here and you can view the order itself here.

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38 thoughts on “Boise Mayor Sets Up Hotline to Report Businesses Violating Health Order, Will Strip Licenses for Violations

  1. Here is a novel idea. Why not mandate the sick to stay home instead of attacking the healthy people? Taking away someone’s livelihood is messed up. Especially since that would make your city lose money from taxes and such. Plus you are turning people against people. Which i know there will be lots of people willing to turn in people. The nature of the beast. Glad I will not be visiting that city again. Guess it will be easier to spend my money online and I guess that will put my money out of state. Good job.

    1. Its wonderful to hear such idiots say they won’t be visiting Boise again. The last we thing we need in the midst of a deadly pandemic is visitors who can’t understand the need to protect human life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      1. Give me a break you fool. A positive case is NOT a death sentence. Quit drinking the news media kool-aid. This virus has a flipping 99% survival rate. Stop living in fear… you can stay home in your cowardness, the rest of us will return to life as normal.

      2. History repeats itself because of people like you. How much freedom will you surrender to feel safe and secure? The government cannot protect you but they can control you. Sounds like you have made your choice.

        1. It makes him all warm and fuzzy to think his little mask is saving at least one person somewhere someday from dying. He would give up every freedom to show that he is the most virtuous human of us all.

          I’m actually honored to be in his presence.

    2. Agreed!! It is unprecedented that we are are locking down healthy people and destroying livelihoods. We have learned nothing from the 1st 8 months of this virus except to continue down this destructive political path. I don’t need a nanny mayor telling me how to care for my health, just provide me with the best public information( not opinions) then care for your own health and get out of my way.

  2. What a piece of shit, the hospital are not full, we all know this mandate is fake, there are Doctors that are saying its fake, and the mask does more harm then good. All these people voting this in has no medical license to do this. This is definitely over reach by the government and they legal can’t force this on any one. Only the legislature can make laws. This is definitely against our Constitution rights.

    1. Speaking of pieces of shit Marjorie, I’m thinking you qualify for that label. Would you please specifiy the part of the Constitution that says you have a right to infect people with a potentially deadly virus? I can’t find it. Thank you.

      1. Oh Chet. You love the state mandated control. It’s what gives you a sense of security. Too quickly removed from your dear mother’s arms and now you look to the oppressive government for comfort. Such a sad little creature you are.

      2. Amendment 14

        No state shall make or enforce ANY law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the Unuted States: nor shall any state deprive any person of life, LIBERTY, or property without DUE PROCESS OF LAW.

      3. Chet, simple concept really why does one class of people get a right that others don’t is your life more then mine, or mine more then yours? If you feel protected wearing a mask please by all means do so, if you would rather not wear a mask please do so. If you have a medical reason for not wearing one, one such reason might be low oxygen levels in you body. BY all means don’t wear a mask. if you or you family is higher risk them mine you might want to have home delivery, or curb side pick-up. If your health and can do it for your self, is that some how now wrong? and in closing this has been done in history before, and more people died wearing masks then from the Virus at the time, and final closing this has been use before in history, by another country to divide and separate differing classes of people making it easier to segregate and eliminate them from the word. 1940’s Nazis Germany.. So do some research we all have the same rights mine don’t trump yours and yours don’t trump mine.. We are all in this together..

      4. Chet, you stupid sheep. Wake TF up moron! They are saying no one can go to Church, but EVERYONE can go to Costco? You can stay out all day but between 10p-5am you have to remain at home?? Please tell me in your own words how F-ing stupid you are? Thank you Marjorie.

      5. You’re right Chet! It’s not an enumerated right!
        Is that really your argument? You’re brain is amazing. I totally missed that. When you think about it’s plain as the nose on your face.

        I need to stop infecting people with potentially deadly viruses. I guess I just assumed it was in the Constitution. Maybe an earlier draft. No one asked George Washington his opinion. Use of viral infection was critical in culling his men at Valley Forge.

        But you’re a New World Man with that New Man smell.

      6. You must get all your information from the MSM. Regurgitating the crap you hear, or read on the MSM isn’t thinking.
        What this really is Problem-Reaction-Solution
        “Problem Reaction Solution (Latin: Ordo ab Chao) is a mass mind control system. It is used to make changes to the law that the citizens would not accept otherwise.”
        1. Create a problem (C0V(D)=cause chaos through the economy
        Terrorism, financial crisis, etc.
        2. Manufacture a reaction (Panic)
        Let the mainstream media only broadcast/print the side of the problem you want to show
        3. Provide a solution (The Great Reset)=NWO
        wars, corporate tax-cuts, welfare budget cuts, etc.

  3. What do you expect from a socialistic, tyrannical party? But know this it isn’t a law mayor and you won’t be in office next election.

    1. I’m glad I didn’t vote for her. You could tell that she was just a smooth talking Leftie from how she described her stances.

      Also when a Leftist tells you “I’m dedicated to listening to my constituents” know that they’re directly lying to you. Leftists don’t care about what you think because they think they’re better than you. You’re ignorant and uneducated, so who would actually care what you think? They just use you for a vote them ignore any of your legitimate grievances. Look at what happens in CA, Portland, Seattle.

        1. Naw, we aren’t giving up that easy. Make them want to move back. BTW I have talked to a few people personally at the gym, who moved here from out of state, and they all told me they moved to get away from that liberal crap. Now I don’t doubt that some of them are still liberals like you stated though.

        2. Ada county voted 50% Trump. 46% Biden. A lot of these “Consevatives” from Cali are closet Democrats. Democrats can only lie just like their father, Satan.

  4. “There is nothing that we won’t do to protect public health”
    What B.S.!!!
    Look at all the psychological damage they are more than happy to do…
    Nothing these officials have done has been based on science or in the interest of health. No advise on strengthening our immune system.
    99% survival rate. This is not an “emergency” or pandemic.
    It’s all about the money !

    They have had NO interest in listening or working with people who differ in opinion. They have weaponized our bodies and taxes against us.

    The police exist to protect our rights, preserve the peace and investigate crime. But training, armor and weapons have been turned on law abiding, taxpaying residents, and they ignore the corrupt officials. But our fate awaits their loved ones too.

    The continued escalation of this hoax, demonstrates their corrupt, criminal intent Time for Idahoans to face the fact, the behavior of these officials is criminal. Treat it as such.

    1. So true. These shut downs are causing severe depression and killing adolescents. I work in a school district and so many students are suffering. This isn’t helping.

  5. Snitching on neighbors and non-compliant businesses. This is the new normal the leftist idiots wanted.

    Police should be ashamed of themselves for helping McClean trample the rights of their citizens.

  6. This is a shame. She’s destroying lives by this. People need to see a smile on your face and interaction with each other. The virus will come and go but the lasting effects of this lockdown will do more damage than good. Wash your hands and if sick stay home. I hope her time is limited in Boise government.

  7. Release the Karen’s.

    Tell on people and businesses, take away business licenses, fine people, arrest people (for a mask mind you). Doesn’t this sound familiar, like let’s say Germany circa Hitler era?

  8. The people have chosen. They’ve elected their communist leaders and want them now. They want their globalist communism and rat on their neighbors, and they want it NOW. They want to delete the first and second amendments and they want it NOW. They want to murder their children in the womb, and they want it NOW. They want their sexual perversion, and they want it NOW. They want their country to be over-run with illegal immigration, and they want it NOW. They’ve fled their oppressive states and are changing Idaho…as we speak-which means, NOW.

  9. The Soviet Union made its own citizens spy and snitch on each other. I hope this ridiculous mandate will be treated with the contempt it deserves, and that people refuse to participate in this tattle-tailing.

  10. Having had survived a massive cerebral hemorrhage stroke I am very sensitive to even a small reduction in oxygen. Masks unfortunately reduce oxygen, increase CO2 and weaken our immune systems. Having been in California this spring at the height of Covid-19 I was sick for approximately 2 weeks. Afterwards, having the antibodies has made me much stronger. Sadly in California more people have died from suicide and depression than Covid-19 since February 2020.
    We should think long and hard before destroying lives and livelihoods for a flu virus with a 99.8% survival rate for individuals under 70.

  11. Apparently, Mayor Mclovin doesn’t like to read. There are multiple studies (the most recent CHARM) that prove mask efficacy is limited or non existent in preventing transmission. Further, physicians like Souza at St. Lukes and the local media (KTVB being the worst) is hyping that the hospitals are “overwhelmed”. Having 2 ER physicians, 2 ER nurses, and a respiratory therapist all in our immediate and extended family I can tell you that hospitals are definitely busy. This is a result of it being November (influenza season), hospital exec management running skeleton crews to meet bonus goals, nurse shortage as Treasure Valley is one of the lowest paying regions in the western US, nurses out ill, unprepared staffing levels even though they knew covid would increase demand, population boom in Boise/Meridian, Nampa, and nurses and physicians panicking as they have never really been busy before (not like in other municipal hospital settings). So, Mclovin pushes the panic button for a virus that has 1/10th of one percent higher morbidity rate than the flu and endorses economic and social restrictions that cause real, actual damage to peoples lives. Nice going. There needs to be an all out effort to remove her in the upcoming mayoral election.

  12. As a community that is against any dictatorship, maybe the tax paying citizens of Boise should consider flooding that hotline with real concerns about this tyrannical mayor and the fact that she’s part of the problem. Use that Hotline to voice our concerns!!

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