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Boise Mayor Calls for ‘Common Sense Gun Laws’ as Idaho Elected Officials React to Texas School Shooting

By • May 28, 2022

Idaho elected officials are reacting to the Texas school shooting, which has left 19 children and two adults dead.

Mayor Lauren McLean, the mayor of Boise, called for “common sense gun laws” to be implemented. McLean posted the following statement,

I just spent time with some local high school students, hearing their pleas for action on common sense gun laws, and marking moments of silence for each of the 21 people killed in Texas. Nineteen young children were killed in their classroom. I cannon imagine the horror and pain their families are going through right now though as a mom I can feel in my gun the depths of trauma that they will forever feel.

ON my son’s 9th birthday, shortly after learning that children younger than him had been violently killed at Sandy Hook, I walked into Longfellow School to celebrate his birthday and hear his class sing Christmas songs; I remember vividly the sense of horror I felt imagining the same happening there, at that moment. Yesterday as we prepared for his graduation party, I learned that this had happened again. In the intervening decade we’ve owed their parents – and our kids – significant action, comment sense gun laws. Yet as my child and his peers graduate from high school, still nothing has been done. The list of victims to whom we owe action continues to grow.

If anyone can take comfort in my prayers, know that I am offering them. But these parents in Uvalde, and every community in this country, are owed action. The vast majority of Boiseans and Americans want reform that would encourage responsible gun ownership and keep weapons of war out of the hands of people who would walk into an elementary school and murder almost two dozen children.

We can do it. We must do it.

It’s time to pay our debt to help keep our children safe.

McLean has been a supporter of Moms Demand Action for years. Moms Demand Action is a nationwide organization that promotes “common-sense gun laws.”

Gov. Brad Little asked for prayers from Idahoans to support those impacted by the tragedy.

Little posted on Twitter,

Our country is grieving the victims of today’s horrific school shooting in Texas. As a grandpa of school aged children, this news is heartbreaking. The families and all those affected will be strengthened by our prayers as they cope with this awful tragedy.

Congressman Mike Simpson also weighed in on the shooting.

Simpson posted his statement yesterday stating,

The massacre in Texas has once again rocked our nation to its core. This is not an acceptable status quo and we must do better for our children. Kathy and I are praying for our country and especially for the families who are living the unimaginable.

Hate and division are too present in our country, and elected leaders must set an example by coming together to find meaningful solutions that addresses the clear mental health crisis in this country.

Congressman Russ Fulcher posted a statement on Facebook that says, in total,

Yesterday’s shooting in Texas is a shocking tragedy-our sincere thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. After such events, our natural response is to look for policy solutions. While hate-the primary motive in many of these mass shootings-simply cannot be legislated away, I have worked to address root causes.

As part of the Education and Labor Committee, I supported legislation to help our school districts address the mental health crisis with counseling and further resources.

While there are legislative concepts worthy of discussion, I do not believe adding restrictions to the constitutionally protected rights of law-abiding citizens is the appropriate answer.

Idaho Dispatch did not see any public statements posted by Senator Jim Risch or Senator Mike Crapo. We sent messages to both senators to ask if they had a statement forthcoming.

Risch’s staff told Idaho Dispatch he did not have a statement at this time, and Crapo’s staff has not yet responded to our request for a statement/comment.

Rep. Brooke Green (D-Boise) said her heart was broken after the Texas school shooting. Green posted the following on Twitter,

Years ago, I sat next to women at a dinner in another country. I asked her, would she consider sending her daughter to America for an exchange. Her response “No, I am afraid she’ll die in a school shooter.” Unfortunately, that’s a reality all too familiar. My heart is broken!

Rep. Linda Wright Hartgen (R-Twin Falls) said the following on a Facebook post,

I am sad today and have said prayers for those families who lost their loved ones yesterday. Our children should not have to be afraid to go to school. Fire drills are one thing, but school active shooter drills are something else. The terrible incident in Uvalde yesterday has left us all very heavy hearted. We must provide more mental health care to our state and work together for a plan to stop these shootings. Our schools must be a safe place. I have school age grandchildren and that is all I could think about yesterday, and I can’t even imagine the heartbreak and outrage that is happening in Uvalde right now.

This article will be updated if elected officials Idaho Dispatch contacted eventually respond.

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55 thoughts on “Boise Mayor Calls for ‘Common Sense Gun Laws’ as Idaho Elected Officials React to Texas School Shooting

  1. I can not help but say our politicians and government employees are little more that a taxpayer funded crime gang.

    1. Sad but true …
      Been that way forever…
      Hopefully their new found boldness will lead to an unexpected “reset”.

  2. The commonality in the school shootings is public schools. Public schools are a danger to children mentally and physically and should be banned.

      1. Absolutely true, Cynthia! Boise is just an extension of Boise and its ilk. A liberal city trying to change the rest of the state to the color blue.

      2. Boise could still be reclaimed, unless Little openly becomes a super-RINO like the OR Governor.

  3. The devil is in the details of what Queen McLean and her constituents consider “common sense”.

    1. When you hear “common sense gun control” you know a leftist anti 2nd A diatribe is being sling at you. Same with “responsible gun ownership”, another leftie propaganda term.

    2. Whenever you see the standard lefto phrase, “common sense gun laws” just transalte it “confiscation” and prepare for the next revolution.

  4. The saddest part is Lauren fails to examine what she has done as Mayor. Biden’s babe kept the city businesses locked down and under threat of her closure, students were made to stay at home on zoom without sports or interaction with friends. Of course, they also missed out academically due to the TEACHERS UNION fears that one of their dues paying members might catch the mayor’s influenza. Yes, thank you Lauren for fear mongering . But also for failing to realize that the police failed us miserably & that would likely be repeated in Boise, the doors were supposed to be locked except someone decided to prop a door open so the hater could enter. Where do intelligent people step in and tell the totalitarians like Lauren McLean to back off!

      1. Most Californians ruin everywhere they move to as they ruined California. It is just what they do based upon results.

  5. ” common sense gun reforms”…what an original thinker she is… Same propaganda parroted from a different bird. The Marxists have been using that tagline for years…I love how they’re never for common sense anything, except their version of gun control. Sad, but those who want governmental gun control are sewing the seeds of their own demise. For it is the government that the gun rights are meant to help protect us from. Just look at any communist society that used fear and emotion to disarm their populace. Weak minded fools can give up their rights, but I certainly will not.

  6. A fitting title picture of a mayor and governor: Neither of which protects our Constitutional Rights.

    1. Why are we not doing recalls on those who are “selling out” Idahoans and American citizens? It should not be so difficult to kick them out!

  7. Chicago has “common sense gun laws”. New York has “common sense gun laws”. Same for Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & Los Angeles. Interesting how those “common sense laws” – the most restrictive in the nation – have done zero, zip, nada to reduce crimes committed using firearms in those cities and states.

    Chicago has had more mass shootings than anywhere else in the country since 2018 – followed by Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Houston, Washington DC, New Orleans, St. Louis, Atlanta & Detroit. Think about that. As sad and repulsive as the school shooting in Texas is, the problem will NOT go away by implementing even more gun laws.

    Progressive leftist leaders like McLean should focus less on proclaiming the sanctity of abortion, emphatic racism, hyper-sexualizing of kids and destroying the family. Boise will not be better off when it more closely resembles Chicago.

  8. When seconds count, the police are only an hour away, even though they’re across the street handcuffing and pepper-spraying concerned parents.

    1. Local law enforcement and federal marshals didn’t enter the school for an hour because they were complicit in the staged shooting. So was the teacher who left the door propped open so the shooter could enter. But they really screwed up when they gave two fake dad’s the same child and script on two different networks:

      1. Absolutely… As a retired LE,,,cops just dont sit there while the shooting is in progress… Something is not right..large shooting before mid terms and Hilary’s Indictment..False flag event

  9. Let’s not forget the progress we have made in “common sense gun laws” here in Idaho. We now have constitutional carry. Another bill being proposed now is to limit liability for CCW justified use of force cases where the state pays legal costs for them if they are proven justified. More widespread good guys with guns prevent such atrocities, as happened in Uvalde, TX. A legal CCW citizen shot the deranged shooter in the parking lot before he got inside. Look at the timeline. CCTV footage of black SUV with 4 guys handing over weapon to shooter. This was another planned operation intending to push gun control legislation.

    1. How about common sense legislation to make it more feasible to collect signatures to depose ‘elected officials’ turned tyrant? In Idaho certain type and weight of paper must be used, etc, all things to impede citizens’ in their ability to recall officials. And let’s address how to get elected officials to recall someone they appoint who turns out to thwart the Constitution.
      Further, when are we going to wake up to the fact that schools with laws against anyone in the building being able to carry a gun to protect themselves create ‘sitting duck’ situations where evil people can so easily carry out death and destruction. It’s sickening to me that an hour went by without the police responding. Today, common sense would seem to include: “Be very cautious about sending your child to schools in places under control of anti-gun mayors/authorities.” Oh, dear, does Boise now fit that description?

      1. Exactly right. We have plenty of laws in place…What we need is laws that protect rights of citizens to protect themselves and those under their care by upholding our U.S. and State Constitutions…like the Second Amendment…to be honored andenforced. How simple is that? Recall of a tyrannical official must be simplified…there are several who should be recalled now…not required to wait for an election…imagine the damage they could do in the time waiting for election “day” as we have witnessed in times past? Do you think the elections held in Idaho two weeks ago were safe, secure? Did your candidates win? Do we need to get rid of expensive machines?…and go back to specific paper numbered ballots, correct voter ID, and in-person voting (exceptions only absentee ballots for military or those who are verified unable to vote in person), and no ballot boxes or mail-in ballots (only absentee), and all ballots are monitored by witnesses and 24-hour cameras, protected by armed police and attorneys who have been vetted BEFORE elections for bias? We know there is rampant fraud…let’s protect Idaho from it! We can find ways today!

  10. Does the mayor have security? Are they carrying guns? Would she be comfortable if they were equipped with squirt guns?

  11. Common sense guns laws: Have the same security on school campuses that all our other “government” buildings have.
    Or, an even better solution.

  12. Our state government and educational system is infected with liberals from other states. It’s up to us to expose them and remove them from positions of authority

    1. …Yes. Like those from other countries/life styles/customs/anti-American agendas to be placed in our highest offices? Those who are beholding to foreign countries/nations must not be governing America!
      And why are we sending $40b to a country in which America has no interest or obligation? when those $40b taxpayer dollars could help America address America’s needs?…like energy independence/dominance, economic success, safety with the completion of our southern border wall to prevent unlawful invasion from other countries, government incentivising able workers to stay home, forcing knowledgeable people to choose between their jobs and their health, risking everything we fought for in Afghanistan for the evil catastrophic debacle that not only brought shame, embarrassments, and disastrous predicaments (all over America, worldwide, and personally), but after effects have been devastating as well…such as assisting our enemies, deprivation and purposeful harm to our American citizens, and intentional crises such as supply chains, impediments to our truckers and military to do their jobs, and so much more that places us in very precarious and dangerous situations?

  13. All of the mass shootings in and around schools are Not a Gun Problem……….it is a Spiritual Problem within the United States. A gun is just the tool for a severely evil heart. Our politicians from city, county, state and federal levels are totally out to lunch on the issue.

  14. This statement by the liberal mayor of Bosie infuriates me! Bosie better wake up and get rid of her! She will turn your city into another California, Portland, Seattle etc. She doesn’t have any common sense. It’s not a gun problem. I’d like to see these lazy politicians actually do something about it. Get to the root cause. Start dealing with mental illness, drugs the list goes on and on. It’s a complex issue that needs a lot more attention than just talk.

  15. No amount of common sense gun laws would have kept the teacher from propping open that door and letting the gunman inside. She should be fired and held accountable! No common sense gun laws would have prompted law enforcement to breach the door and kill the maniac with the gun! They should be fired! Why is it in cases of mass shootings politicians think they must make gun laws against everyone that didn’t do it? Hey politicians! Criminals do not give a damn about your gun laws! Look at Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.

    1. Amen to that,,BUT,,, WHat this mayor doesnt get is LE is under no obligation to protect us.. Crazy as it sounds its true… The “Gun free zone’ bullshit signs need to be taken down and more teacher or school gaurds armed..

  16. Where do I start with this stupid bitch’s comments?
    How ’bout “hate and division, etc”? Yes, exactly…what your president and other lib-tard democrats have sewn since 2008. You have caused divisions along racial, ethnic, gender and economic lines as per Marxist doctrine (read it–The Communist Manifesto). It’s all there in black and white. You spew hate and division daily and I, for one, am sick of it.

    Then there’s the new catch-phrase: “Common Sense Gun Laws”. But no democrat has explained what that actually means. Sounds good on KTVB though, right? When a drunk driver wipes out a family of four on their way to church are you gonna’ ban cars? Same thing. Why not?

    When crazy, sick fux are allowed to wander in society, and allowed to get a gun, sh*t is going to happen. It’s a mental health issue. Keep a gun out of the hands of the wackos and enforce the exisiing laws and the problem is solved. FJB !

  17. Yes common sense gun laws. Have 1-3 ARMED Guards in every school at all times. Either deeply back ground investigated citizens or have police officers. Make sure teachers are trained extensively in fire arm safety and make sure they are psychologically fit to have a fire arm and allow them to carry fire arms IN SCHOOL CONCEALED. This is COMMON SENSE. Then let’s see have far an active shooter gets when they walk into a school.. That’s Common Sense! Making it to where people can’t have certain weapons is a make belief fairy tail that Democrats somehow like to believe will change everything even though people WILL STILL BE ABLE TO OBTAIN THEM. That is not taking action in the right direction. Use your brains!

  18. It’s quite plain why McLean said that “The vast majority of Boiseans and Americans want reform that would encourage responsible gun ownership………”
    That’s because she knows that the majority of IDAHOANS and Americans want the 2A kept intact. As we all know, Boise is an outlier to the general gun consensus of the rest of Idaho.

  19. The Boise Mayor is a commie from Kali4nia and needs to return to her roots!
    As for Crapo and Risch have been in DC for far too long! Poster children for term limits!
    As for Little he is in the pocket of the FED…..corruption is alive and well in Boise!

  20. “Responsible gun laws”. No “weapons of war”. Phrases meant to eliminate ownership of anything that could be used as a weapon, including for self defense. So call the police instead, those that you’ve turned into social mediators and wonder why they they stand and wait …. while the shooting in the school continues.

  21. She apparently overlooked the part where the Sheriff said the door was left freaking propped open! Schools need more security. If it’s not guns it’ll be a bomb.

    1. If we give up our guns they’ll do worse than shut us down. They’ll imprison us in our homes like China and Australia did.

  22. I wonder why this idiot fails to talk about the failures that happened that day? Why doesn’t any of the mouth pieces talk about the failures that day. First off the person that the shooter was communicating with failed to report, which usually happens. Many times there are signs long before the person commits the crime. Or the school left the door open, inviting the suspect in. Or the biggest problem, the POLITICIANS which continue to invite bad behavior by their irresponsible actions and the media’s continued anti gun propaganda.

    We have so many laws on the books yet the politicians fail to support them. Murder is already illegal.

    Controlled points of entry, metal detectors and armed guards are what secure a building and its contents. Examine how idiot politicians and “leaders” protect themselves…shouldn’t our children and grandchildren be afforded the same benefit?!

    If they really had a mind to protect the children, they could have done so decades ago with inexpensive…ACTUAL common sense “best practices” legislation put forth by GOP members. The sick truth is…their goal, including commie McClean, is NOT to protect the children…it’s to DISARM the population!!!

    1. Let’s not forget…these gun grabbers claiming to want to protect innocent lives are the same morons supporting the illegal protests carried out in front of Supreme Court Justices homes two weeks prior…when they thought their rights to murder unborn children was being taken away!! Common sense gun laws have absolutely zero to do with “protecting the children”!! Rather…they are intended to disarm the populace to more easily subvert and subjugate them!!

  24. I live in the Int West – always have – as have all my people who came here to create this state, putting in their time – their work – their LIVES for their own families and their own people – and I am completely with my Idahoan brothers and sisters. Why are these morons from Khazakfornia even ALLOWED to be in public office – without having first put in at least 20 years and at least 3 children who have IQs of at least 110 – into the state they’ve migrated to?

    Peaceful Balkanization. Khazakfornians should be required to carry passports. Seal off all cities. Make ’em independent city states.

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