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Boise Increases Police Budget, Black Lives Matter Asks Mayor McLean to Resign

By • August 21, 2020

Since the time of George Floyd’s death, there has been a lot of protests across the country against the police.

Even here in Idaho, we have seen several protests against police funding. The city of Boise in particular has had several Black Lives Matter protests.

In addition to the Black Lives Matter – Boise protests have been large counter-protests.

Many of the counter-protesters either want police funding to continue or had concerns about Black Lives Matter and potential violence from the organization.

However, despite the BLM protests, the Boise City Council has approved the latest budget which includes increased funding for the Boise Police Department.

In fact, the department will receive an extra $1.2 million from what it received for this year’s budget.

While the council meeting was taking place on Tuesday, another BLM protest took place at Ann Morrison Park even though the police had set up barriers at city hall.

The Boise chapter of BLM says that they could not enter city hall to deliver petitions they had gathered because of the barriers. Boise Police say that even with barriers in place, there was a path for citizens to get in the building.

BLM then moved their protest to Ann Morrison Park because of counter-protesters that were at city hall and because of the barriers that were in place they said.

The city council meeting which took place on the 18th was the third and final reading of the budget. Typically speaking, budgets and ordinances are ready at three separate meetings before they are voted on.

In this case, the Boise City Council approved the budget on a 4-2 vote.

City councilmembers who voted in favor of the budget were TJ Thomson, Holli Woodings, Elaine Clegg, and Patrick Bageant.

Those councilmembers voting against the budget were Jimmy Hallyburton and Lisa Sanchez. The mayor only serves as a tie-breaking vote and therefore Mayor Lauren McLean did not vote on the budget itself but it was her proposed budget that the council voted on.

Interestingly, after the final vote took place. Black Lives Matter – Boise posted on Instagram that they wanted Mayor McLean to resign.

Here is a screenshot of their post:

Mayor McLean is already facing a recall from citizens who are not happy with her policies and feel that they were deceived by her.

Now it appears that Black Lives Matter also wants Mayor McLean out of office but for different reasons than the group who is trying to recall her.

Additionally, the group previously posted about other city councilmembers that are up for re-election next year. The presumption is that the group intends to try and oust several of the members.

Do you support Boise approving an increase to the police budget or do you think it should have been decreased?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “Boise Increases Police Budget, Black Lives Matter Asks Mayor McLean to Resign

  1. Get them out… Idaho needs to be an example. We elect you into office for what you say your going to do, if you fail to do that, then there should be a right to recall you as your not living up to your campaign to the people. As for the police…. I’d like to just say HELL YES!!!! Idaho needs to continue to stand, its far from over… more people moving in who do not match Idaho’s conservative beliefs. Let them take an inch and they will steal a mile. Keep representing… so proud of this state.

  2. I came to Idaho to get the hell away from California so to bring the failed Meo Marxist policies and to bow to ANTIFA and BLM Marxist does not sit well with me. If you want high crime, pedophilia. In California, progressives are putting out textbooks for kids on pedophilia as form of acceptance so please with denials. I came from a country under totalitarian rule and gun laws were draconian. Hell no!!? Stay the hell out.

    1. The police are the only thing standing between your families and America-hating Marxist thugs. Choose wisely, Idaho.

  3. I say yes support the police department. We don’t know if they have been underfunded for years or if the extra is to get better training better equipment for non lethal tactics, maybe cameras too. I say support them and our rights.

  4. We need the police to help keep us safe from the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. This is a RED state and it needs to stay a RED state. Don’t bring that leftwing garbage, we won’t stand for it!

  5. Please support the police with increased funding. Recall Mayor McLean and get rid of Lisa Sanchez as well. We have to keep this state red. Many of us came here to get out of the communistic, liberal, immoral ways of the blue states, and would like to keep our safety and freedoms.

  6. I absolutely agree with the increase to the police budget. As the population increases so does the need for more officers to keep law and order. Idaho is a great state and doesn’t need to be influenced by radical extreme left wing groups. I wish the universities would stop encouraging the growth and development of groups that align with the ideas of BLM and others that want to change Idaho. Keep Idaho IDAHO!

  7. I 100% support full and increased funding of the Boise PD and for them to continue to keep Boise clean and safe. This weekend I witnessed homeless people camping in Grove Plaza. There was also visible camping garbage and feces.
    Do not let beautiful Boise turn in to Portland. Do not let the Socialist agenda of Mayor Mclean and her crew transform Boise in to her liberal utopia. Does she realize where she is and what the majority of her constituents want?
    I think not.

  8. I fully support our police and am glad they increased the police budget. Kudos to the individuals who voted for the increase despite possible backlash.

  9. I moved to Idaho to escape Colorado’s transformation into a colony of Califronia/Chicago run by gun grabbing, anti cop, anti law and order communist thugs like Jared Polis. Let Colorado be a warning to everyone in Idaho, do not let this crap happen here.

  10. I’m glad the police budget was increased. Today it’s absolutely necessary unless we want to become like hell holes in the country where mobs rule.

    What I *don’t* like at all are promises the mayor made not to increase property taxes–and then she actually made it possible to increase them after all under a tax system that allows them to rise significantly every year in an underhanded yet legal way. Long time Boiseans are being pushed out of the homes they’ve owned for many years. There are also renters who pay substantial yearly increases because the property owners aren’t running charities for their customers. This financial imbalance can only go on until it’s not possible to live here except for the most financially secure. The rest of us are not wanted, and we should quietly shut the proverbial gate on our way out of town.

  11. Yes, increasing the budget was necessary. With all of the people coming to Idaho, the need for a bigger budget and more officers, is an absolute.

  12. BLM may have just insured the mayor stays in office.

    Eh, I think we do need to have major reform in our criminal justice systems.
    But to suggest this is best achieved by defunding Police is sheer folly and foolish.
    This nonsense smacks of BSU profs living out an “ivory tower” view of the world and manipulating students.

  13. BLM needs to be shoved out of our beautiful state! There is no room here for your ridiculousness. There is no racism and you won’t come here to drum up trouble! Y’all need to go back to the states you trashed… or maybe we will send you packing. There are more of us who detest you that people who back you… time to leave…
    McLean needs to go with BLM…. bye bye.. (oh, take that idiot counsel woman with you)

  14. Please don’t be blinded by the retoric. If you start giving in to these groups things will only escalate into the opposite of what Idaho has upheld. Cherished freedoms and upholding what this country was founded on the Constitution. Just look to the west and east and south of you. See what could be your future. It will be gone at lightspeed. Truly is being put in place already.. with or without public support. We are being stripped of our rights .

  15. Run blm out of our Free State !!! Recalling the idiot mayor is a good idea, but these communist fools have to go !!!

  16. Even though McLean voiced support for BLM, they have turned on her. Groups such as BLM will never be satisfied with equality, they only want total power. McLean doesn’t have a clear moral compass of her own. In today’s world, we all need to be clear on what we believe in and not just go with whatever direction the wind seems to be blowing.
    Idaho is great because we have such a high population of people who are clear on what they believe in. They will not be swayed by those in elitist leftist media.

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