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Boise Councilmember: Gun Rights Laws are for ‘White People’

By • July 1, 2022

At a recent council meeting, Boise City Council member Lisa Sanchez told the public that gun rights laws were for “white people” and more specifically for “white men.”

The comment came while the city discussed a recent resolution Mayor Lauren McLean wanted to pass regarding “gun violence.” The resolution passed almost unanimously, with just Councilmember Lucy Willits being the lone dissenting vote.

When Sanchez spoke in favor of the resolution, she made the following statement regarding who she believed firearm laws were for. Here is what Sanchez said in part.

It’s difficult for me to believe that these gun rights laws are for everyone. They’re not. They’re for white people; specifically for white men. And, uh, as long as we keep making room for guns, we are supporting white supremacy in our country, and it’s a shame, that a state like Idaho, has become synonymous with that kind of sentiment.

And without real action, it’s difficult to turn the tide. So, I very much thank the mayor for bringing this forward. It’s an opportunity for us to do what we can. And silence is agreement. Silence is acquiescence and we cannot remain silent on these issues.

You can view the segment in question below and the entire discussion on the City of Boise’s YouTube channel:

Before this statement by Sanchez, she told the public that the “love of gun over people” was a way to intimidate people of color. Sanchez said people of color, women of color specifically, were not “welcome” to walk the streets with a firearm in plain view.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Political Director Christy Zito said Sanchez is wrong. Zito told Idaho Dispatch,

The right to self-defense knows no gender, knows no racial bounds, and is blind to color. Lisa Sanchez insults all women, marginalizing each of us using color, and the fact that we are women, to push her social agenda. She obviously has no logical argument to defend her extremely biased opinion.

To say that the love of guns over people is a way to intimidate people of color is another insult to the vast majority of Idahoans. All in this state are welcome to carry a firearm in the way they feel most comfortable. I know. I worked on making the law clear and constitutional.

Being intimidated is a choice. Being a victim is a choice. I personally tire of this constant need to see women as full-time victims, and not the strong powerful beings we are.

I know many women who have been the first line of defense for themselves and others. I know women who have used a firearm to equalize a situation. Gun rights are women’s rights.

The resolution by the City of Boise comes as President Joe Biden has signed a bi-partisan gun control measure into law.

What do you think of Sanchez’s comments? Do you agree or disagree or agree with her?

Let us know in the comments below.

Note: Idaho Dispatch Editor Greg Pruett is the President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.


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87 thoughts on “Boise Councilmember: Gun Rights Laws are for ‘White People’

    1. Did you vote in the primaries? Or in the last city council race? If not, STFU! and start voting! ♥️

    2. Cannot even fathom this kind of person on the city council. She is a racist and insults every person in Idaho. Vomit out of her mouth

    3. They are moving in from California and/or drinking the kool-aid the Californicators are passing around. No longer ger my Idaho

      1. As I understand it, there’s been a Democrat mayor for the last 30 years. I blame the universities on this kind of garbage, and find that cities built around universities tend to slide in this direction. This has been a problem for a while, nothing new, just getting worse.

        1. You’ve correctly defined the problem. Now is the time to do something. .

          One of the reasons I moved to Idaho from the true blue state of Hawaii was that it’s almost impossible to own guns there!

        2. Exactly! Stop supporting Boise State and their liberal woke agenda, i’m sick of people flying their Boise State flags and wearing the clothing. Your supporting the very agenda you are fighting, quit giving it ammunition!

      2. Sorry, Robinson, but per Phil McGrane our Secretary of State, 80% of the Californians who move here are Republicans. They moved here to flee liberal policies. Come up with another excuse…

      3. No they aren’t. The North End is full of boomer aged locals who would turn the state blue if they could

  1. Either:
    A– people fear what they know not.
    B–looking to appease the communist overlords.
    C–History of a disarmed populace wasn’t taught at school.
    D–All of the above.

  2. Well, dirty Sanchez back at it again, spewing her racial bullshit. And the majority of Boiseans are complicit in this type of rhetoric, as the majority of them continue to vote these types of ignorant and dangerous fools into every section of the city’s political positions.
    It will not change either, there are far too many liberals moving into the city and they will not just change their way of thinking. There’s way too much liberal media pounding it into their soft, tiny brains every chance they get, and liberals just eat that shit up, hook, line and sinker.

  3. Racist idiots are so damn predictable, plus just plain uninformed race baiters. Seriously, how can people with any intelligence elect such fools as Lisa Sanchez.

    Just curious but did Lisa start life as Larry, it looks that way.

  4. This is not the first time Lisa Sanchez has used her public position to negatively use gender, hate speech and divisiveness to divide and separate our community, our State
    In Idaho we work together, talk out our issues and help one another the best we can.
    We call for one or more of the following actions:
    1.) Lisa Sanchez’s immediate resignation.
    2.) The Mayor, Council and City Attorney immediately remove Lisa Sanchez from office and discipline her correctly.
    3.) The State Attorney General have her removed from office and disciplined.

    1. Totally agree and she deserves that. It’s sickening what she said and obviously she has an agenda that only fits her bias! What a waste

    2. The only way to get her removal is to call the Mayor’s office, the head of council and the city Attorney. Put people won’t do it. They just don’t want to get involved.

    3. Thanks, Idaho Seven. I will follow through with 1st and 2nd suggestions. The 3rd one is a waste of time for who we have in office currently.

    4. I’d agree with that. Racism in any form should not be tolerated anywhere let alone within a city council! Outrageous and unacceptable behavior.

  5. She needs to be voted out! Please support the next candidate in 2023. We need ALL hands on deck to remove her!

    1. Sorry Lynn,
      But you supported McMillan who didn’t have what it takes. Another Dem in disguise who was supported by the realtors with lots of money & never made an intelligent statement except he was a moderate. Hmmm, who else did you support & back???

      1. There are plenty of misinformed or don’t even follow what happens in our legislation but vote as family or friends do. Would love to see her put a firearm on her hip and walk with her for an hr. I highly suspect she would get little reaction if she wasn’t recognized as anything more than another woman.

  6. what would it take to audit all public servants’ on & off shore accounts to assess who is NOT taking $ from China & World Economic forum genocidal Bolshevik monsters.

  7. First, how did such a RACIST PIG get elected to ANYTHING in our Great State of Idaho ?
    Second, there is no such thing as “”gun violence” ! Cane killed Abel with a rock. A gun is an idle object and can do NO harm unless a person chooses to pick it up and use it for that purpose.
    Also, the NRA, founded by “white men” was formed so that freed slaves could defend themselves and their families from former slave owners.

  8. Ahh, yes, Mz. Sanch
    Boise’s own touch of the worst of west coast scum bag cesspool cities.
    The North End’s choice for future mayor.

  9. That hateful person needs to go NOW! If she thinks we’re giving up our guns, while we have a fraud in office opening our borders for anyone to enter, as well as criminals being let out of jail the next day to do more harm…. She has another thing coming. By the way you racist pig, I’m a woman who refuses to be anyone’s victim.

  10. Ms. Sanchez and her left side allies can only get political traction with their onslaught of innuendo and allegation. She makes her ignorance of the statutes clear. Idaho gun laws apply equally to all. For her to claim they are for “white” people exposes her own racism. If her attitude became action, it would be a hate crime!
    The obsessive mantra of such innuendo creates the small bubble reality that the luny left lives in. Boise needs some serious political housecleaning!

  11. PEOPLE! Wake up. Persons like Lisa Sanchez are selected not elected. Until we fix our election integrity we will get who they want into these positions.

  12. Boise wake up! This lady Sanchez is nothing but a menace to society and anti people and God. She claims to be someone who cares about people of color and she couldn’t be farther from the truth. Look at her police record and the lawlessness she embraces. She shouldn’t be a leader in this great state due to her American hating thinking. The mayor also fits in her very shoes. Gather signatures to recall both of these haters of Americans! Look at the Mayor of Chicago-Lori Lightfoot and you will see three peas in a pod!

  13. This divisive and hateful rhetoric that is something I would expect from CA, WA and OR but not Idaho. This victimization and us versus them mindset cannot spread like a festering blister throughout the council/city. It will spread and before you know it Idaho will be just another west coast radical state. People must take time and pay attention to the issues. Write the city Council and call them on their BS. I know it takes time out of our days, but what’s your freedom worth.

  14. It’s very scary that someone who believes that is on the city council. I’m so tired of people making everything be about gender and color. Her comments are ignorant and disgusting.

  15. Where are all the conservatives in Boise? How did a racist like her get into office? Idaho is too great for hate like hers to permeate elected officials. I live up north but someone in her district needs to run and win! Unseat the racist and keep Idaho Great!!

    1. She got into office, because the conservatives did not get involved in their local elections. As conservatives we seem to take our rights for granted, we make the assumption they will never be taken from us; WRONG! I hope you are one that gets involved and votes in your local elections.
      Here is another reason that may cause this hater to get in…. when we vote in city elections, we are most likely not privy to the individual running for office party affiliation. Not only do you not immediately know the party affiliation of the candidates running, but Idaho specifically prohibits it. Idaho law (IC 50-406 & IC 50-3112)!
      This clown could have run on conservative values, while along being a liberal hater. Once she gets into office her true colors come out.

  16. Fellow patriots, these anti-Second Amendment haters MUST be voted out!

    The most important elections are our local ones. Patriots and pro-Second Amendment individuals for some reason never seem to get involved with their local elections, so these haters and anti-Second Amendment get into office. We need to do a better job vetting these idiots and haters when they start to run for office.

    We must call or write this hater’s office and shame her. This is what they do to us. Let’s fight fire with fire! Call her office and shame her! Tell her, her hate speech is NOT welcome in Idaho. Let’s inundate her office with calls. Let’s write opinions in our local paper about her hate and how she is not welcome here.

    We MUST get involved more with our local elections to stop these haters from destroying our great state. If we don’t, they will eventually spread like a cancer to destroy our constitutional rights.

    Apathy is not an option! WE must get involved. We can’t take the attitude that the other guy will vote. We must vote and get our family, friends and neighbors to do the same.

    FACT: There was a 58% increase in firearm sales to African Americans in 2020 and other minority groups. Just another silly fact that seems to always get in the way of these anti-firearm haters.

    1. Exactly! “ The most important elections are our local ones.”

      Sadly, many Idahoans are apathetic and don’t vote. Lisa Sanchez won her re-election because conservatives and independents failed to show up and vote.

      Boise is on its way to becoming the next “Seattle is Dying.”

        Please get involved! Conservatives must get in the game!
        Plese call your state rep and tell them we want partisan city elections.

  17. It is such a shame to hear statements like these from our so called “political leaders.” Statements like these do not move us forward as a country. The leftest mindset is tearing our country apart. I’ll be praying for Lisa, that her hard heart towards white people will be changed. Only God can change a heart like Lisa’s.

  18. I must’ve missed the part about what resolution they passed. If it’s some sort of gun control it can’t stand as Idaho has preemption laws, unless I’m mistaken.

    1. Ha, preemption laws! These liberals don’t give a rat as….. about Preemptive laws! Just take a look at Sandpoint! Sandpoint City Console steps all over Idaho’s Preemptive laws! try to go into a Sandpoint park with your firearm on, see what happens to you.
      Idaho’s Preemptive Code: Idaho Code 18-3302(J)
      “Preemption laws prohibit local municipalities from enacting any firearm/ammunition regulations which are stricter than the state’s regulations, and in some cases prevent them entirely from enacting ordinances, posting signs, or otherwise regulating firearms at all”

      The problem with Idaho’s Code is there no ACCOUNTABILITY. The Second Amendment Alliance Group is trying to get this fixed. Are you a member if the 2AA, are your friends and family members?

  19. How many people on this forum are members of a Pro-Second Amendment organization, like ISAA? This is a local pro 2A organization that helps protect our rights us from These ant-Second Amendment zealots.

  20. SPOT ON!!! I agree most of the posted comments against this filth. Even though I don’t reside in Boise, this vial poison in our state, spoils its greatness! I am over it! True Idahoans and those who are not imposters, dressed to hide in sheep clothing, stand proud and keep the vote on our side. VOTE!

  21. Idaho’s City Elections Should Have Party Disclosure on Ballots! Our elections should be Partisan!

    This is the Idaho law Idaho law (IC 50-406 & IC 50-3112) that specifically prohibits it partisan elections.

    Radical progressives are slowly taking control over Idaho, because our elections are not partisan.

    This is why Democraps love city elections, because they don’t have to divulge their party affiliation. They can lie about their ideologies and the voter is not the wiser. Until this law gets changed, we MUST be vigilant against these haters and deceivers. We must vet fully anyone who is running for our city council. We MUST also write or call our representatives to get this law changed! Please call your state Reps!!!!! Let them know this law MUST go. We need partisan elections. we have them when we vote for our president and out state reps.
    Here is a statement from a liberal idiot…..
    Former House Minority Leader, Mat Erpelding said about city elections,
    “In nonpartisan races, when we’re not saddled with the ‘D,’ when we are
    able to run on our values, we have tremendous success in elections.”
    Think about this statement! This is how these liberal progressive scum think! And we fall for it! NO MORE! WE MUST END THIS LAW. CALL YOUR STATE REPS IMMEDIATLY! TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGBORS TO DO THE SAME! Tell your rep we need partisan city elections.

  22. Boise beginning to turn into the shithole that the other Left Coast cities run by Marxist councils have become. We need a wake-up and shake-up!

  23. Ms. Sanchez is horribly wrong. Is she a brainwashed fool? Obviously. Is she embracing evil? Seems quite likely. But let me be clear, she is a human being and not a cockroach. Calling her a cockroach or anything else subhuman is a terrible thing to say and thus, counterproductive. As a former Democrat I can tell you this: conservatives by in large, are great people. Many leftists HATE conservatives and this country but as conservatives, we should not return the favor. The antidote for her racist/sexist hate speech is truth spoken with vigor. It is love that drives out hate and light that drives out darkness.

  24. Record number of Blacks buy firearms, boost overall gun sales during COVID-19 pandemic……Washington Post.

    Gun sales to Black buyers have surged. Gun store ownership by Black people has not…..NBC News
    NOTE: What NBC News leaves out…All owners of FFL’s have been reduced traumatically in the US. There is nothing stopping black American’s from opening a gun store and having an FFL. Only the federal government!

    2020 firearm statistics: Smith & Wesson stock up by 134%, black Americans buying tons of guns….Law Enforcement Today

    “40% of buyers in early 2020 were first-time gun buyers
    In 2020, half of all gun buyers were women, researchers say. One-fifth were Hispanic, and one-fifth were Black, according to the Northeastern University & Harvard Injury Control Research Center.
    It’s women and people of color, who are helping gun sales surge around the country…….CNN

    Hummmmm, Ms Sanchez, ever read the news? its filled with articles indicating that people of color are buying all the guns! News outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, MSMBC, Fox, and the list goes on. However, the tyrannical state of New York will make it much more difficult for people of color to own a firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones. Even the evil WHITE people of lower income will be affected by NY’s tyrannical anti-gun measures. This will make Ms Sanchez happy.

    I think Ms Sanchez needs to get her hateful head out of her A….s…..!

  25. Shame on Boise for allowing such narrow minded socialist to represent a City in the Great State Of Idaho.

  26. Thank you Christy Zito for this statement and all you do for freedom. You will be missed as Idaho Senator but your work continues.

  27. Sanchez is the epitome of the narrow minded, racist-focussed left. Her ignorance of the real facts of law-abiding gun owners is just one more reason to vote this type of shallow and unAmerican thinker out of office and keep them out of office.

  28. Hard to believe that a woman could be so stupid about the 2nd amendment and so color focused about this issue when color is blind to a gun. People like this do not belong in politics and frankly don’t belong in Idaho. Maybe she should move to New York or Chicago where she can spew her colorful remarks and be appreciated because there is no wide support for those racist comments in this state.

  29. Yes, guns are for white guys 🙂 the Hog is correct, guns and laws are for white man. Welcome to Idaho, what do I say ? Such a stupid dumb talking point the wacko left says all the time just to get attention, Sanchez, you bullfrog looking Indigent go screw yourself

  30. This individual and anyone who thinks that way has no business on a council. Guns are just a tool for law abiding America citizens to protect what is there’s from those who are not law abiding citizens and or anyone else that means harm.
    What do they think us veterans in the military used them for? To keep freedom in our American lands from those who want to take it away.

  31. #1 The main reason you won’t understand this comment is that you have absolutely no Godly knowledge of the Constitution of the United States of America and particularly that God created all men equal- yes, even you Lisa Sanchez.
    Guns rights laws are written for law-abiding citizens- no law breaking citizen would give these laws a second thot. These laws are written with the intent to control the citizens who care for their communities, and the laws are to restrict/control this population
    only- it is a non-issue to even consider controlling citizens who do not regard the law except with contempt. This council member is ignorant and uneducated in the laws of our constitution and deserves a right to return to school- probably at the 4th grade level. She is to be pitied for her lack of just human knowledge, patriotism and it is very questionable if she resides in the correct country with her Marxist belief system…. go home you befuddled, poor excuse of a leader. Sad, sad, sad…

  32. She is race baiting, playing the victim and has no inclination to learn or understand the truth

  33. Isn’t that racist to assume a Black People don’t obey gun laws? That’s how I read that headline.

  34. Ms. Sanchez has wrapped herself into a culture of identitarian victimhood, where fear and prejudices fuel the mind’s occupation with constant angry hatreds that supersede all other thoughts.
    Marxist literature is bristling with these kinds of axioms in order to foster division in policy making.
    Right now, there is a massive effort to disarm citizens in this nation. Even though gun crimes are rare in Idaho, the Leftists of Idaho cannot be seen to avoid the issue. The virtue signaling and genuflection to gun grabbers is expected.
    In Mexico, gun ownership is highly restricted, yet gun crimes are ubiquitous. Drug cartels and gang warfare prey on the disarmed innocents. Ms. Sanchez ignores such facts and only focuses on her false image that “guns equal white supremacy.”
    We just need to keep working hard to electing better members to city council and a new mayor. He got one new council district turned around….let’s keep going.

  35. racists come in all colors this is an example of one in our own state. God created man and women, Colt made them equal.

  36. Every year women in Idaho are killed by their ex-husband or boyfriend.
    Children are left motherless and fatherless to be reared by the state of Idaho because lawmakers are afraid to remove guns in order to give protection to vulnerable people.

    1. What an ignorant comment. Show data to these made-up statistics you speak of.

      Idaho, one of the lowest states of female domestic violence at 33%, reported by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Typical liberal mentality, if you think it, it must be true and everyone else should believe your thoughts are gospel if you say it loud enough and continuously.

      Do your research before spewing bullshit.

    2. Mary

      Why do liberals always insist that law abiding citizens must give up their God given rights to satisfy their insecurities?
      Lawmakers do NOT have the right to take firearms from law abiding citizens!
      The Second Amendment is a prohibition against the government like all the Amendments are. Do you understand this?

  37. wow!!! what a racist remark for a city council member to make. on the other hand it’s really no surprise with the Dictator Mayor that rules the thrown.
    Wished they all would move back to there Blue crime ridden states.

  38. While some of the comments were personal attacks on this city politician, I am gratified that the majority of comments didn’t “buy” what this person is trying to “sell.” I too don’t want to see Idaho, let alone Boise, become a home to this kind of vacuous non-thinking. We all know we have to vote…we all know we have to get engaged in our politics and know what’s going on as others above have said better. So, how do we do that? How do we sustain that? Maybe we start with ourselves and after commenting one day, don’t forget what is going on the next? I know others will have some great ideas.

  39. She is an example of what’s wrong with this country. Hater race baiter, has no place in Idaho. She needs to go to California Today!

  40. What an ignoramus. She must have missed the US History section of whatever education she got. Wonder if she ever heard of the 14th Amendment (Equal Protection Clause) that was passed and included to insure that blacks were to be recognized as citizens of the US and granted all rights. Included were other naturalized citizens. She obviously does not know how many Hispanics, blacks, and Asians have bought guns in the last 5 years. As a nonwhite, I have owned guns for over 50 years, so “only for white men” indeed. Ignorant as our so-called President

  41. Wow, what a dumb cunt, really… l can’t believe there’s enough retards in this state to vote for her.

  42. She does not belong in Idaho , most all Liberal Socialist crap starts in Boise we should divide the State North and South

  43. Can she be sued for her acknowledging that no other race can buy a gun
    Falsifying n race baiting??
    She is a horrible human and needs to be investigated.

  44. Not sure how this women got to be so out right racists? She needs to be removed from her position immediately before her disease mind turn Idaho into California.

  45. She was part of the recall when they were also trying to recall the Mayor of Boise who ran as moderate (lied) and is more radical. The attempted recall and the final collecting of votes was put on hold during the covid stuff… and never resumed. I am super disappointed that this was never resumed. I am not in Boise and cannot contribute to voting them out. Anyone out there able to pick up the recall attempt? Racism does not belong in ANY political office. Nor does misrepresenting yourself (lying) to get elected.

  46. This woman is one more casualty of the “perpetual victim” mentality. She can’t even recognize her own privileged position on the City Council as being direct repudiation of her own nonsensical statements. She’s bought into the lie that even when someone succeeds – as she has – that it has been because the system isn’t nearly as broken as she claims!

    It truly is sad that such people can’t stop for a moment of self-analysis. I sometimes wonder if they have disabled this feature of their personal morality.

  47. I love all this BS. The best part is how many people will suck up all the BS she is talking. It is just so difficult to figure out, criminals have guns and use them on people that do not, and the only time this is stopped is when a good guy with a gun stops it. Look at history, how do you think the old west was won. Oh I’m sorry the criminals quit being criminals and the good guys gave back the guns they used to defend the good people NOT.
    Defund the police, give up our guns, break our country, divide our country, and force people to depend on the government. Does 1776 ring a bell

  48. Have nothing in common with Lisa Sanchez. She does not represent “people with of color”
    Lisa Sanchez is the one who cannot think for herself. She is bought off by elitist racist who use her to regurgitate divisive and false talking points.
    The real racist are the Boise City Mayor and City Council who parade Lisa Sanchez to present stereotypical and insulting falsehoods that minimize the intelligence of
    minority communities thereby furthering the cycle of victimization by those that pose to have our best interest at hand.
    Our families fled countries like Mexico where a handful of truly racist elites prevent freedoms such as the ability to self defend. In countries like Mexico only corrupt government officials are afforded armed guards along with the drug cartels (which are really the same thing)
    We “people of color” do not want the U.S. to continue on the same path that other countries have gone. We are in America for a reason, we are here because other countries have stripped our individual liberties. We love, cherish, and strive to protect our American Constitutional Rights.
    America is going down a dangerous and hellish path with officials like Lisa Sanchez. Her actions align and demonstrate that she part of a corrupt left. Lisa Sanchez does the dirty work of her corrupt party and continuously betrays her own Hispanic people by presenting us as ignorant. She strives to make us completely reliant on the government so that she and her masters can use us as a means for power and control.

    Nope! That play book is tired out, NOT buying it anymore!!

    This comes straight from the perspective of someone that Lisa Sanchez pretends to represent but always betrays.

    Thank you!

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