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Blaine County Ordinance Limits Private Gatherings to 10 People or Less

By • October 20, 2020

Last week the city of Hailey passed an updated Public Health Emergency Order which limits citizens in their own homes from having more than ten people.

Hailey is a town located in Blaine County. Ketchum, Bellevue, Sun Valley, and Carey are also towns in Blaine County. The area is commonly called the “Sun Valley” area.

The commissioners for Blaine County held a public meeting last night to discuss an updated health ordinance that will cover the entire county similar to what Hailey just recently passed.

The ordinance in part limits gatherings indoors, including on private residences. The limitation is exactly what was passed in the city of Hailey.

Here is a screenshot of part of the ordinance:

Idaho Dispatch asked the commissioners why they decided to put the ordinance forward. Commissioner Dick Fosbury sent Idaho Dispatch an email with the following message about the new ordinance,

We decided to take action following the increased risk of infection rates and the decreased capacity of regional hospital facilities in the Magic Valley and Treasure Valley.

The other two commissioners, Jacob Greenberg and Angenie McCleary, have not yet responded to our inquiry and we will update the article if they do.

Not everyone was pleased about the new ordinance being passed, however.

Idaho Dispatch was given a video of Tatyana Gray speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting. Gray is the Founder of Central Idaho for Liberty.

Here is the video of Gray speaking at the meeting:

Idaho Dispatch asked Gray about the proposed ordinance and her opposition to it. This is what she sent Idaho Dispatch:

More than the order itself, one particular comment from the Commissioners during the hearing gave me grave concern. The Commissioners acknowledged receiving public comment (via email) against the order. Yet, they made their decision based on the ‘experts’” input, and not on the people’s input. We see this trend nationwide, and we need to make it clear to all of our politicians that they work for the people, and not for the ‘experts.’

At the end of the discussion, the commissioners voted to pass the ordinance which takes immediate effect and does not end until the commissioners vote to end it. You can view the full ordinance here.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Blaine County ordinance.

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One thought on “Blaine County Ordinance Limits Private Gatherings to 10 People or Less

  1. THANK YOU TATYANA! Speaking what most of us are afraid to say. Our local leaders have officially gone too far, and it is time for all of us to stand up and be courageous, and say NO MORE. No more restrictions on our livelihoods, no more restrictions on peacefully assembling, no more medical mandates! We gave them an inch, and they are taking a mile, as predicted by many of us. If they are SO concerned about our health, why have I not heard a SINGLE mention of the immune system in any order, press release, or article in the entire valley, during this entire fiasco? Doesn’t a HEALTH emergency warrant the local leaders to provide at least a few recommendations as to how we can get healthy or stay healthy? Why have they not provided a single instruction on how to boost our immune systems, or feed our bodies the nutrients it needs to fight off a viral infection? Why did the Doctor during the Blaine County Town Hall not mention health and what we could do to improve it, other than don’t go out to eat, don’t see your friends, and wear a dirty bacteria and mold-filled mask? I am ashamed of all of these leaders. We SEE you, we see your contempt for the citizens, we hear you blaming us for the rising cases because we are not wearing our masks, even though we have extremely high compliance in the valley. Shame on you. Viruses are a natural part of our lives, and actually contribute to our health. We cannot hide from the world for years, there will no world left.

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