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Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland Resigns

By • July 26, 2022

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland has resigned.

Rowland was the subject of an investigation into an incident where he pulled his firearm on a woman who was a driver for youth with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around and left “Thanksgiving Turkeys” for neighbors and “doorbell ditching” when they left the messages. The girls were leaving a Thanksgiving Turkey for Rowland’s wife that night.

You can read more details about the incident in our previous article by clicking here.

The Attorney General’s office looked into the allegations, and Rowland was ultimately charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

In Rowland’s resignation letter, he says that he is a distraction to the county and thanked the community for the opportunity he had to serve them.

Here is what Rowland’s resignation letter states in full:

Please accept this letter as notice that I am resigning as the Sheriff of Bingham County effective August 1, 2022. I’ve devoted thirty-six years of my life to law enforcement. It is an incredible honor to have been involved with professionals across the state dedicated to this very noble service. The men and women that serve Bingham County in this capacity are singularly dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. I will miss the opportunity to be of continued service.

In considering resignation, I thought about what led me to this career. The feeling that I was part of something greater organized around worthy goals attracted me to this service. The feeling that I had a role protecting and serving the people in my community was a constant source of motivation during difficult times. I’ve experienced successes in law enforcement that will remain with me.

I’ve become a distraction. Bingham County must press forward with the work at hand, and I do not want to impede that push. Recent events have, at a minimum, focused on me as an individual.

Bingham County must focus on the mission and be dedicated to the business of protecting and serving its citizens.

It is with a great deal of gratitude to the people of Bingham County that I now offer my resignation. The opportunity to serve the county in this position will always be a source of great pride. Knowing that the Sheriff’s Office remains staffed by some of the finest law enforcement officers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with gives me confidence that the county remains in good health.

Sheriff Craig T. Rowland.

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