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Bill Would Change “Sex-Ed” Requirements in Idaho

By • March 7, 2021

A new bill, HB 249, is moving through the Idaho legislature that would change the way students participate in sex education.

Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls) has been fighting to pass legislation about sex education for several years now. A previous proposal by Ehardt passed the House and ultimately failed in the Senate.

Here is what the Statement of Purpose says regarding HB 249:

This parental rights legislation will codify the right of parents to opt their minor children into classes where the children will view or discuss materials related to sexuality as defined in this statute. This legislation further clarifies that if the Idaho Code Sections 33-1608 and 33-1609 are adhered to, teachers will not have to obtain parental consent for children to participate in a sex education class dealing strictly with the anatomy and physiology of human reproduction. All other topics that deal with sexuality, as defined, will require parental opt in.

HB 249 would require parents to “opt-in” to sexual education that deals with anything other than learning about human anatomy or physiology. The bill had already passed out of the House Education Committee.

The bill has now passed through the Idaho House on a party-line vote of 56-12 and now heads to the Senate Education Committee for consideration.

Proponents say the bill is designed to help protect children from learning too early about sexuality and sexual orientation. They say that Idaho still holds traditional values about sex.

Opponents of the bill say that both pieces of sexual education are necessary for kids because they are going to learn about it from their peers and it is better that more details come from a teacher and standardized curriculum about sexuality than what their friends at school might teach or the students parents might not teach.

A public hearing in the Idaho Senate has not yet been scheduled.

Do you believe sex education should be “opt-in” or “opt-out” or something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Bill Would Change “Sex-Ed” Requirements in Idaho

  1. So I read the argument from the opponents about it is better for these children to learn about these societal woke issues from teachers and not their peers. That logic seems a little bit flawed to me. If we apply that to drugs, would it be better for teachers to introduce all sorts of drugs in the classroom for kids to try. After all if the state and teachers don’t provide the drugs and show them how to use them, their peers will. It’s easy to make a logical argument against the progressive left. Because anything that they support has no logic. This is just another one of the many examples. Using government to create some worldly utopia. I sure hope the people of Idaho are paying attention to ensure our representatives codify strong conservative principles for our state.

  2. Why can’t this teaching be taught through an on line application to allow the parent(s) to be present and involved with the child(ren) at home?
    If not, then opt out.

    1. The teachers shouldn’t be teaching anything to these kids. We can’t take the chance that some teachers aren’t just teaching anatomy and projecting their feelings on certain things on peoples children. It is not their place that’s why they have parents. There are other things these teachers should be focusing on like history, math, English, reading writing and things to help them as they get older and in life like banking bookkeeping cooking auto shop wood shop etc. what hsppened to the good old days.

  3. Why and how did this become the job if public school teachers? Reading writing math science and history for a start. The system is so busy try to indoctrinate or children that they get a lousy basic education. Schools need to stay out of our homes and our family morals.

  4. Liberals like to tell us to ‘stay out of (their) bedrooms’ when it comes to abortion in particular, and sexual practices in general. So why are they incessantly pushing sex education in schools for our children? It’s up to parents/guardians to teach these things to children; NOT the govt-run schools.
    There are many agendas that radical leftists are keen on forcing upon us- both secular AND religious (anti-Christian) agendas. This sex-ed desire of theirs is just one of many.

  5. Sex education and/or sex orientation of any kind SHOULD NOT be taught in the school system! We are seeing horrible results of sex orientation being pushed in schools already. It is enforcing our kids not knowing who they are and what they should do and be.

  6. Sex education is a parenting responsibility. Period!
    Health and wellness is also a parenting responsibility. Period!

    Teachers need not enter the realm of parenting. Period!

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