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Bill Banning “Targeted Picketing” Pulled by Bill Sponsor

By • February 27, 2021

Recently, the Idaho House Judiciary and Rules Committee passed HB 195, which prohibits “targeted picketing” at someone’s home.

The proposal comes from Rep. Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell) and Rep. Brooke Green (D-Boise). Both said that the bill is being proposed after several protests outside of elected officials and members of the district health board’s homes last year.

Chaney himself has had several protesters outside of his home in recent weeks.

Proponents of HB 195 have that someone’s home is a sacred place and protesting outside of a person’s home is a step too far. Opponents of HB 195 have said that it is a violation of someone’s 1st Amendment rights to protest on public property outside of someone’s home, such as a public sidewalk.

HB 195 was on the calendar for debate on Friday morning in the Idaho House but was pulled by Chaney and placed on “General Orders.”

Here is what Chaney said when he asked for unanimous consent that the bill be placed on General Orders:

We have found some language that would tighten the scope of what would be covered under the House Bill 195 that we believe will build a broader consensus for the legislation moving forward.

Chaney did not indicate what potential changes might be made to the proposal.

Under a unanimous request consent, every member of the legislative body must agree to what is being asked by a representative, or the request is denied. However, no one objected to Chaney’s request, and HB 195 was sent to General Orders.


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6 thoughts on “Bill Banning “Targeted Picketing” Pulled by Bill Sponsor

  1. IT probably never would have become an issue, but I can guarantee, if they attempt to silence the people it will only get worse. The reason behind this was two fold, the People asked that the state remove the Emergency order, which is still in place today. The people have repeatedly asked, and have not been heard. The state further attempted to bully the voters, buy attempting to lock them out of the state Capital so. When the Central District Health decided to start locking people out of public notices it has escalated. Buy continuing to force the Issue the state is out of line with the voters. They need to rescind the Emergency Orders and Allow protests, if you are on a public street you hav the right to be heard. If your in politics, you should expect that not everyone of you decisions will be well received . Thats why the people are allowed to speak up and help guide the legislature . They are representatives not leaders, not supreme dictators, they serve at the will of the voters. Maybe Greg Chaney, needs to start looking for a new job. The same applies for Brooke Green.

  2. Mac: agreed!
    Two ways to govern: by dialoguing/communication or by force. Far too many ‘leaders’ these days have been steeped in Marxist and/or Satanic principles of force, think they know everything or at least extremely more than We The People (aka peasants to them), and are not remotely interested in logic/persuasion/working with We The People for responsible solutions. As we saw with the American Revolutionary War, the reasonable and Godly people will exhaust all reasonable means of rectifying the ills that are being forced upon them, and then…

  3. Talk about “Cancel Culture” So, just how are we going to be heard? Everyone’s home is their sanctuary. But the RINOs like Bedke and sorry a– Little DO not own the streets or any public right of way.
    Most of what we hear about any candidate turns out to be “Plane Lies” (After) They go Biden on us and now you want to tell us we have no further voice or opinion. That law is firstly a violation of the public’s right to protest. A Constitutional Right. Then it would give the people that turn out to be crooks would have more isolated protection than the CIA

  4. The Dictators are destroying the futures of many of our youth. Those that are seniors are loosing far more of their future prospects than can even be measured. Their opportunities for Collage, Jobs, Marriage, and economic stability among the many ways they are being damaged. The RINOs are using our money to wreck our cultural stability and God Given beliefs and rights by pouring o (OUR) money into the Universities and secular programs. Causing untold damage to mental health and emotional wellness. Now they want us to not have “ANY” avenue of contesting their Draconian and Tyrannical (LAWS???)
    The schools at this point are closed “For Political control”

  5. He has changed the bill so if any group set up information with person’s home address or as he calls it doxing. So if you share an address, you are guilty.

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