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Bill Allowing More Teachers to Carry Firearms at School Clears Idaho House

By • March 13, 2021

HB 122 would allow teachers with an Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit to carry their firearms while on school grounds.

The bill also requires that teachers who wish to carry on school grounds notify the principal and superintendent. Additionally, the principal and superintendent may notify the local school board if they wish, but all parties must not disclose which teachers are carrying to the general public.

Local law enforcement will also be notified of which teachers might be carrying and will be given a picture of the teachers who choose to carry.

The Idaho Sheriff’s Association and the Idaho Chief’s of Police Association oppose the measure. Everytown for Gun Safety also opposes the bill.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance supports HB 122.

After a lengthy debate on the House Floor, HB 122 passed despite six Republicans defecting and joining all Democrats in opposing the measure.

HB 122 is being sponsored by Rep. Chad Christensen (R-Iona), who said during the opening of the debate,

I know in the past this has been an issue about local control or an arguement that people have brought up to me about it. I don’t like any government restricting your constitutional protections. This is a 2nd Amendment issue and for me, the 2nd Amendment right doesn’t stop at the door of a school.

Christensen also mentioned during his opening that one of his sheriffs, Adam Mabey, is supportive of the bill. Mabey testified in the House State Affairs Committee that he supported HB 122. Christensen said that his main goal was to protect kids from potential killers.

Rep. Chris Mathias (D-Boise) opposed the measure and said during the debate,

Local control. Local control. Local control. Our school districts already have the ability to authorize school employees to carry firearms on our school grounds, so I’m going to be voting to support that continued principle.

Four other Representatives debated in favor of the bill: Rep. Karey Hanks (R-St. Anthony), Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger (R-Lewiston), Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale), and Rep. Ryan Kerby (R-New Plymouth).

Only one other Representative debated against the bill on the House Floor, Rep. Marc Gibbs (R-Grace).

HB 122 now heads to the Senate State Affairs Committee for consideration.

Here is a screenshot of the votes with “Red” votes being Representatives voting against the bill and “Green” votes being in favor of the bill.

Do you believe teachers should be allowed to carry firearms in schools? Why or why not?

Let us know in the comments below

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6 thoughts on “Bill Allowing More Teachers to Carry Firearms at School Clears Idaho House

  1. This is the right bill at the right time. It has been proven many, many times that law enforcement simply cannot react quick enough to stop a tragedy before it has had the chance to escalate.

    We need boots on the ground, in place, ready to act, with a vested interest in the lives around them including their own.

    This should be expanded to all qualified staffing.

    Let’s stop the bad with help from the good.

    Vote “YES” for HB 122.

  2. We need people willing to carry to help protect our kids! There should be no debate when it’s comes to protecting our children!!

  3. Absolutely let the teachers protect our children this is a must in this day and age. And this is Idaho we all have guns and know how to use them.

  4. Shall not be infringed, apparently Americans don’t know english anymore, shouldn’t even be an issue, of course they can carry a weapon on public grounds, so can we by law, any law not in support of the constitution is null and void.

    1. Well said. The 2nd Amendment Stands. The intent was/is to have armament as chosen, armament at minimum equal to law enforcement or greater in order to stop tyranny and bad actors.

  5. We are in idaho! Of course we should be able to defend our kids. Resources officers can’t being everywhere. Sherrif Donahue said it best 2 to 10 min to respond. Teachers always there. Seconds matter in these issues.

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