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Biden Administration Suing Idaho Over New Abortion Law, Gov. Little and Others Respond

By • August 2, 2022

The Biden administration is suing the state of Idaho over the new abortion law set to take effect on August 25.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement that Idaho’s law violated federal statutes. Becerra said that HHS would work with the Department of Justice to protect access to abortion.

The DOJ announced today that it filed a lawsuit against Idaho over the “trigger law” on abortion.

Here is the complete statement from Becerra regarding the lawsuit,

Federal law is clear: patients have the right to stabilizing hospital emergency room care no matter where they live.

Women should not have to be near death to get care.

The Department of Health and Human Services will continue its work with the Department of Justice to enforce federal law protecting access to health care, including abortions.

Rep. Brooke Green (D-Boise) shared the HHS statement on Twitter and added,

Idaho women deserve better, no woman should have to plea w/their doctor for their life, when their pregnancy threatens them. The trigger law placed our ID providers in a terrible position. On behalf of Idaho women & providers. Thank you! #idleg #idaho

The Idaho Democrat Party also agreed with the Attorney General’s office going after what they called Idaho’s “extreme abortion ban.” Additionally, the party said Idahoans should make their own decisions on healthcare.

Not everyone agreed with the DOJ’s decision, including Idaho Gov. Brad Little.

Little said he would work with Wasden to oppose federal “meddling” in Idaho. Here was Little’s full response to the Biden administration’s lawsuit against the state of Idaho:

Our nation’s highest court returned the issue of abortion to the states to regulate – end of story. The U.S. Justice Department’s interference with Idaho’s pro-life law is another example of Biden overreaching yet again while he continues to ignore issues that really should demand his attention – like crushing inflation and the open border with Mexico.

Here in Idaho, we are proud that we have led the country in protecting preborn lives. I will continue to work with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to vigorously uphold state sovereignty and defend Idaho’s laws in the face of federal meddling.

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon said in a statement released by the Idaho Republican Party,

Today, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Biden Administration targeted Idaho by filing a direct legal challenge to Idaho’s abortion law, which will go into effect later this month. This is only the latest in a long line of examples of the federal government assailing Idaho’s cherished values and attempting to impose its policy preferences on the people of Idaho, from Washington, D.C.

The Biden administration believes that emergency rooms should be abortion clinics. The people of Idaho disagree.

What do you think of the Biden administration’s lawsuit against Idaho’s abortion law?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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30 thoughts on “Biden Administration Suing Idaho Over New Abortion Law, Gov. Little and Others Respond

  1. The Feds have no authority in Idaho as the Supreme Court just confirmed.

    Little/Wasden will do nothing.

    Vote for Ammon Bundy in November if you want your rights protected.

    1. Yet Little accepted all that money from the Feds. Why hasn’t he defended the front line workers that are being made to be injected with the death shot that is killing and maiming people? Where is the sovereignty for your constituents Little? How about protecting the living too and don’t tell me there is no proof of this happening. It’s just like the election, there is plenty of proof if you look for it.
      Talking out of both sides of his mouth. Be a man Little and protect all of us.

  2. Here is your opportunity, Brad…a chance to stand up (for once) for the office you have been entrusted with to defend the unquestionable majority of Idahoan’s beliefs.

    Make the most of it, lay waste to the current DOJ members’ evil and illegal lawsuit and at least leave a somewhat more palatable taste in the collective mouths of your constituents before you are (hopefully) voted out in November.

  3. I have nothing good to say about Biden and his administration. We need a new president and administration immediately.

    This administration has weaponizing the DOJ, CIA, FBI and HOMELAND SECURITY. The Federal government does NOT have the right to RULE the people. This administration wants only their agenda, and NOT the will of the PEOPLE. This administration Is corrupt and is causing chaos to detract from the constant failures and incompetence. We The People MUST fight against this tyranny with every fiber in our body. This administration is the government our Founding Fathers warned us about! LETS. GO. BRANDON

  5. The Biden administration specializes in government overreach and federal government control. The Biden administration and its puppet-masters run head on into the rights of the people and message using circular reasoning all while fancying themselves as monarchy. At least, we the people, are clearly waking up to the truth about the US political sham. Now remains the question: “What to do?”

  6. DOWN WITH BIG GOVERNMENT, BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL. The Biden liberal communist views and policies have torn America from it’s foundation principles. Those types of efforts started before the Clinton corruption, and have steadily escalated (through the Obama fiasco). And the answer on “what to do” is that we need real Americans to throw them out. WE NEED AMERICA BACK AGAIN. Go conservative – a proven method that works. What we have now (liberalism, government control, corruption) has failed in EVERY attempt — and that too that has been PROVEN over and over again, country after country. This attempt by Biden to override the states rights, the supreme courts, and the constitution is destroying what little of America we have left. I say again: DOWN WITH BIG GOVERNMENT!

    1. Our politicians . government employees and the military and bankrupted us and are stealing our freedoms and liberties.

    2. Talking about the Clinton corruption, on the View today Killery was saying that all this corruption and violence has to stop from the MAGA people. The person who personally erected the Russia hoax and lied about her computer, wiped 30 thou emails, etc.and so many people suddenly committing suicide associated with the Clintons.
      Sickening. Everything they accuse us of doing they are doing! The Communist way. Worked for a very long time now. Lie and keep lying until the public starts to believe the lie. So far it’s working like it always has. Lots of people asleep at the wheel while our country is being stolen.
      I pray that people will wake up and seek the truth.

  7. The DoJ hopes to bind the State of Idaho up in a court suit that will consume financial resources, and give the abortion fans an arrow in their quiver re “wasting precious dollars to fight a lawsuit that blah blah blah”

    Classic tee up tactics.

    Let’s see what Brad’s administration does. Keep the pressure on to HOLD THE LINE!

    1. Brad Little compromised Idaho when he traded our rights for federal dollars, so he is running scared.
      AG Wasden is weak and will not act.
      The DOJ sees an opportunity to win in Idaho. Once they’ve done this, they will go on to other states if allowed.
      The DOJ picked on the weakest link, “Idaho” for it’s first victory.
      Little and Wasden probably won’t do anything effective, so it is up to The People to educate our other feckless elected ones to act on our behalf.

  8. There is no such thing as an emergency stabilizing abortion. Ectopic pregnancy or severe Eclampsia might be treated with early delivery, even prior to the age of viability, but this is not the same as using suction or forceps to rip a baby apart until it’s dead. Abortion is not a stabilizing procedure. It is a 100% lethal procedure. The Department of Justice is lying. Another word for lying in court is perjury.

    The administration of Mr. Biden are predators, and they have for some reason targeted Idaho’s unborn children for assault. Predators typically choose their victims based on low expected resistance. Let’s hope Wasden brings his A-game.

  9. Not to be a whiner, Greg, but if I can offer a little constructive criticism…

    This entire article revolves around Idaho’s abortion law going into effect August 25th. You cite the abortion loving left’s attacks on the law, and you cite the Republican response to their attacks. Maybe at some point in the article you could dedicate one or two lines, or perhaps a link, to cover what the 8/25 law in fact says? This is the problem with these major policy debates… people argue the sides without arguing the substance.

    I’ve heard one liberal after another scream about protecting abortion rights. Then you ask one… “so it’s OK to kill a baby while it’s in the birth canal 20 seconds before birth?”, and to a person, they’re horrified. Then you let them know “that’s exactly what Colorado, Virginia and other states currently have in place”. Suddenly… their response to the question of “should states have the right to place restrictions on abortion” shifts 180 degrees. Why? Because they’re not talking about absolutes and generalities any longer, they’re talking about actual POLICY and FACTS.

    Just sayin’. So… suggestion. At the very least, when you cite the “trigger law”… just hyperlink that quoted phrase to another article or some other text covering the actual details of said law.

    Done whining now.

  10. Greg: To my earlier point on clarification of the law within the article… something as simple as this (now that I’ve gone elsewhere to look up the details)…

    The pending Idaho abortion ban would ban most all abortions, but those doctors who faced possible legal action as a result of performing an abortion in the case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother would in fact be able to cite those facts as “an affirmative defense”.

    And this is where actual journalism vs. liberal lazy journalism comes to play. The reporter for the Idaho Capital Sun who wrote this article: casually states…

    “According to the language of the trigger law, affirmative defenses are allowed for abortion in the case of rape, incest and to save the pregnant person’s life. An affirmative defense is not the same as an exception, and instead means that if someone is prosecuted under the trigger law, those situations are acceptable as a defense in court.”

    No. That’s NOT what an affirmative defense is. An affirmative defense is a SPECIFIC legal term meaning that as long as one of those three defenses is present, that doctor CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE CIVILLY OR CRIMINALLY. It doesn’t just mean it’s “an acceptable defense”.

    In other words, the Idaho trigger law does in fact offer a clear exception for cases of rape and incest and the life of the mother which would shield any doctor from conviction.

    Now… instead of simply stating “the Idaho trigger law will ban nearly all abortions”… state “will ban abortions other than cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother”. The public reaction to that policy will be VASTLY different than it is to “nearly all abortions” without any clarification.

  11. Amendment X

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

  12. Corrupt Joe Briben should hang it up. The election was stolen and no one sjould recognize the fools in DC anyway. President Trump was the true Victor of 2020 election and the only President I recognize. Governor Little has my full support to kick the Briben fools in the teeth and tell them to BUTT out of our state law and sovereignity.

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