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Approximately 2,000 Protesters Gather in Boise to Oppose Pres. Biden Visit

By • September 13, 2021

Clarification: Idaho Dispatch’s crowd estimate is the crowd located near the main entrance to the NIFC gate. We have seen other videos of a different gate with more protesters. We did not get a crowd estimate of that crowd located at that gate. At the time we did our live video we did not know that other protesters had gathered at the other gate.

Original article below.

President Joe Biden visited the state of Idaho earlier today.

Idaho Dispatch was on the ground (video at the end of the article) near the National Interagency Fire Center, where Biden held a roundtable discussion about concerns over continuing wildfires in the west. Governor Brad Little was also part of that discussion.

Outside of the NIFC, approximately 2,000 protesters gathered to oppose Biden’s visit to the Gem State.

Idaho Dispatch had several individuals walk through the crowd several times, to try and get their best estimate of the crowd size, which was difficult to the numerous ways people joined the protest from different directions and the constantly moving crowd.

Idaho Dispatch spent approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes broadcasting from inside the protest. We interviewed numerous protesters, with many of them saying they opposed the vaccine mandate, how Biden withdrew from Afghanistan, and some saying they don’t believe he legitimately won the presidency.

Several legislators were at the protest, including Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-Lewiston), Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton), and Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale.) All three took several minutes to interview with Idaho Dispatch.

Also in attendance and interviewed by Idaho Dispatch were Ada County Republican Commissioner Ryan Davidson and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Humphreys.

Some of the groups that attended and the Idaho Dispatch interviewed were Health Freedom Idaho, Take a Stand Now, and FreedomManPAC. A group called the Idaho Liberty Dogs was also one of the main groups pushing the event but we did not have a chance to interview their leader, Cin Alphonso.

Idaho Dispatch did not witness or hear about any acts of violence. Boise Police did try to keep the roads cleared of protesters on numerous occasions. Still, we did not witness any confrontations with officers by the protesters or see the protesters attacking counter-protesters. However, the pro-Biden supporters we interviewed did say protesters had yelled at them.

Idaho Dispatch made several attempts to find pro-Biden supporters and did not find any until the end of our coverage, but we did also interview them.

Below is our full video of the event, but there is a language warning that comes with watching the video in addition to flags that say “F**K Biden” in the video.

Note: Feature image courtesy of Rep. Tammy Nichols.

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7 thoughts on “Approximately 2,000 Protesters Gather in Boise to Oppose Pres. Biden Visit

  1. I sincerely liked the video and Idaho dispatch, but I would really love to see more in depth conversation and not such dismissive “in passing” conversation. It’d be nice to see more folks given a opportunity to voice opinions instead of seeming like there’s only five seconds to spare.

  2. Biden the Wood Tick.
    Ed Humphrey for Gov.
    Let’s get a pre-poll started so everyone can see Ed will win, at that point all the other votes can know to vote for him to remove LittleBerries.

    Ed, get postcards out in the mail. All of idaho! Get know better.

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