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Ammon Bundy Responds to Guilty Verdict, Will Not Appeal

By • July 2, 2021

Ammon Bundy and Aaron Von Schmidt were convicted of trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol, and Bundy was also convicted of delaying an officer while he was being arrested.

The trial lasted four days, and the jury took approximately one hour to deliberate the case.

Bundy posted the following response to social media from his “Bundy for Governor” page:

Today I was convicted of trespassing at the Idaho Capitol Building on August 25, 2020. After a 4 day trial the jury decided that my presence in the Lincoln Auditorium, during open hours, was a criminal act. The precedence this sets is very dangerous for anyone who may disagree with the presiding officers of the legislature. However, it is out of my hands now. I have no intention to appeal this decision. The people of Idaho have spoken and I will serve my sentence as ordered.

After Bundy was convicted, the judge in the case, David Manweiler, told Bundy that he did not feel that a harsher sentence would deter him or that it was warranted for the crime for which he was convicted.

In fact, the judge gave “time served” to both Bundy and Von Schmidt, and while Bundy could have gone to jail, the judge allowed him to do community service instead.

The judge told Bundy he should be with his family and that he had been away from them long enough. Bundy said his family was on vacation while he was on trial.

Bundy is currently one of several candidates running to be the Republican nominee for governor of Idaho.

Several readers have asked Idaho Dispatch if Bundy’s misdemeanor conviction prevents him from running for office. Under Idaho law, Bundy can still run for office even with his misdemeanor conviction.

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14 thoughts on “Ammon Bundy Responds to Guilty Verdict, Will Not Appeal

  1. This should have never been allowed to get to trial in the first place.

    Wikipedia: Kangaroo Court
    “A kangaroo court is a court that ignores recognized standards of law or justice and often carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides. A kangaroo court may ignore due process and come to a predetermined conclusion.”

  2. I still cannot believe that the prosecutors allowed this to go to a jury trial.
    What an absolute waste of tax dollars and resources.
    They made their point when they arrested him.
    The charges should have been dropped.

  3. What a sham of a trial. If this isn’t an event to promote fully-informed juries, I don’t know what is. The men took their sentences with decorum and grace, and the realization that it wasn’t worth fighting.

  4. These Jurors just gave away more freedom… having access to our government and exposing corruption is key to maintaining liberty. Amon Bundy is a hero that will be recognized too late,it’s a sad day for freedom.

  5. I think Bundy is a great person who has taken some great stands. However, his entering the race for Governor will only help insure that Governor Brad Little will be elected. We need to support Janice McGeachin for Governor. She has worked hard for freedom all year. She truly stands for freedom and has the history to prove it. Thanks Jim Hollingsworth

  6. This is concerning. Not only because of the lying that took place on the part of Betke, and the police, but because now, Betke or whoever is the house speaker at the time, can have anyone arrested and taken out of the capital, if he chooses. I watched all the videos, and was there on some of the days, and he should never have been prosecuted. If he becomes governor, it will be very interesting if he is the boss of the state police. 🙂

  7. Sham on the those jurors not to say a waste of tax payer dollars! Trespassing ….. that is the people’s house! It is the publics property.
    More of our freedoms taken…. given away by ignorant people. Scary!

  8. How was it trespassing? We The People have the right to be there watching government in action. Was he hurting anyone? Destroying property? For being a citizen watching the process of governance, he was arrested? How is that a crime? Shame on those in the system who participated in this nonsense. Liberal Derangement Syndrome has set-in in Idaho. God help us.

    1. This verdict proves we are slaves. It also shows how ignorant the populace has become. The jury actually thinks they did the right thing.

  9. You’re right. It shouldn’t have gone to trial. He should have just pleaded guilty and been given ten years in prison. He’s a nazi and a traitor to this great nation.

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