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Ammon Bundy Found Guilty of Trespassing & Delaying an Officer, Von Schmidt Found Guilty

By • July 1, 2021

Update: Von Schmidt sentenced to three days jail time with a credit of three days time served and a $500 fine and $167 for court costs. Bundy has been sentenced to three days jail time with a credit of three days time served and a $500 fine and $167 for court costs for trespassing. The judge, on the “delaying” charge, sentenced Bundy to eight days in jail, credit for three days served, or 48 hours of public service in lieu of the five remaining days, and an additional $250 of court costs.

Original story below.

The Ammon Bundy and Aaron Von Schmidt trials are complete.

Bundy was charged with trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol and “resisting arrest,” which also includes “delaying an arrest.” Von Schmidt was charged with trespassing.

Today, the jury found Bundy guilty of both the trespassing and the delay charge and also found Von Schmidt guilty of trespassing.

In the state’s closing argument, they said that they proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Bundy and Schmidt had broken the law by not leaving when ordered to do so. They argued that while the captiol was open, Speaker Scott Bedke had the authority to remove anyone from that room at his discretion.

The state also argued that Bundy “delayed” the officers from doing their job by not cooperating with the arrest.

Bundy’s defense argued that Bedke does not have unlimited authority to throw anyone out of the capitol anytime he wants. They also argued that Bundy was in a room which is not locked until 7:00 p.m. and that three Idaho legislators, including a new witness today, Rep. Tammy Nichols (R-Middleton), testified that the room is not locked and that because it is open to the public that the trespass law does not apply.

Bundy’s team also argued that he did not resist arrest and that because there is no duty to help an officer arrest you if you are not doing anything wrong. They also argued that he did not resist arrest and that there was insufficient evidence to prove that he “delayed” the officers in doing their duty.

Von Schmidt argued that he was not in the room when the order was given, was only in the room for a few seconds after the order was given, and told the jury that he is not guilty.

The jury ultimately found that Bundy was guilty on both accounts and that Von Schmidt was guilty as well.

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17 thoughts on “Ammon Bundy Found Guilty of Trespassing & Delaying an Officer, Von Schmidt Found Guilty

  1. This is absolutely disgusting and absurd that these jurors found these 2 gentlemen guilty. They clearly dont know that all government institutions belong to the people and are hired by the people to serve and protect the supreme law which is the US consitution. They all should be ashamed if themselves. They’re ignorant of this countries foundation

  2. I’m disgusted at our justice system here in our state, there is no justice. I watched pretty much the entire trial and believed there was no way this jury could find them guilty. I also watched during the jury selection and that was extremely sided to the prosecution. This entire trial was a complete farce with the way it ended. This has made me extremely angry and opened my eyes even more, if that was possible, to how corrupt our “officials“ are and how absolutely ignorant our peers can be. It should be very clear to all that we’ve got to fight, fight, fight and end this sickening corruption. So unbelievable that the jury could not see the perjury that was taking place by mainly Scott Bedke, speaker of the house and the man that Idaho elected for that position. Wake the hell up Idaho!!!!

    1. we have no “justice” system…depends on whose bought and paid for judge (as obama’s goon in Missoula when Mr. Joe Robertson was sentenced…brought out of retirement and as LEFT as they come. The whole legal system is corrupt….

    1. I don’t even care for the man… don’t agree with a lot of his politics. But you’re excited about the fact that your courts just determined that a politician has the right to throw someone out of the capitol building at his own discretion… even when the capitol building is open to the public? You have a very warped sense of a “working system” sir. He was in a room open to the public. The Speaker had no right to have him removed… the cops had no legal basis for doing so. So in your opinion, it’s perfectly acceptable for a politician to act outside his authority, for a cop to arrest you for no valid cause… and you’re the one who pays the price if you dare stand up for yourself… PEACEFULLY.


  3. I’m sure if anyone had tried to hand out jury nullification literature they too would have been arrested

  4. Jesus said that the elite lawyers of His time strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel. Similarly the prosecution objected continuously to, supposed unrelated narratives presented by the defense, which were virtually all sustained by the Judge. That occurred so often that the story could barely be told and that is how our Government greatly restricts due process for their advantage.

    Alternately the Judge openly allowed the prosecution to discuss as supposed fact that Ammon Bundy influenced hundreds of people to follow him into Senate Gallery. Aaron Schmidt even objected, but the judge made an excuse to allowed it.

    Ammon Bundy leads by his courage, resolve, and gentleness, which is how it should be. Whether or not he trespassed is a totally different subject.

  5. Wake Up People, These Ignorants and Elites will Eat You Next.

    Time to vote in a Prosecutor who understands the Constitution.

    Time to keep a sharp eye on the Judicial and Leaders of the House and Senate.

    Time to Remove the Governor from office ASAP.

  6. Ammon, as disappointing and hard as this jury decision is we know it will not deter your (our) work to rid government corruption. This trial for all that watched verified absolute government corruption and control and should have opened all eyes that we simple little people are nothing to the government, we are not their friends but merely something to control so they can continue their reign of power. Only a few “chosen” people of Idaho spoke. There are many more that observed the lies and corruption that took place in Judge Manweiler’s courtroom and he willfully allowed just to silence the little people. Please stay strong, sadly you know this game.

  7. I followed the trial, and I can’t believe a full jury found him guilty. The sergeant even testified that Ammon had done nothing wrong at the time of his arrest. What’s wrong with people? These are our juries? Scary!

  8. To those who seem happy about this decision…

    So you agree that any private citizen can be ejected from a public space because a politician doesn’t like you, and that the police may be used to forcibly arrest you if you refuse to leave said public space.

    As a man who doesn’t care for Bundy, I have to say… you folks would fit MUCH better in California than Idaho. I should know… I’m surrounded by those pathetic sheep every day. I recognize the mental disorder.

  9. Just more evidence that our legal system is rigged for the Establishment ends. They hate our Republic and are working every day to erode our freedoms bit by bit. The RINOs are posing as republicans in Republican dress. The Dems are outright communists and it’s showing more and more every day. But people are waking up. It’s taken too long, but it’s still happening. The SPECTRE of communism is knocking on the door of free men and the rude shock is apparent. A little more time in the fry pan and then the momentum will shift in and instant. The audits are scaring the pants off of the STEALERS and their sycophants. It’s coming. Be ready.

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