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All Caldwell Mayoral Candidates Offered Chance to Interview with Idaho Dispatch

By • October 29, 2021

There are now less than four days until the November 2nd election.

Idahoans will be going to the polls to elect city leaders, school board members, and voting on levies. Turnout during odd-year elections tends to be lower than even-year elections.

In Caldwell, current Mayor Garrett Nancolas is retiring after two decades as the mayor, and five candidates are vying to take his place.

The five candidates running to be the next mayor of Caldwell are Jorge Arancivia, Nicole Hyland, John McGee, Chris Trakel, and Jarom Wagoner.

Idaho Dispatch sent out a group email containing the email addresses of all five candidates on October 20, asking them to interview with us during a two-day period we had available. Only two of the candidates accepted our offer to interview, Trakely and Hyland.

Wagoner told Idaho Dispatch that he was not available during the two-day period we proposed.

Arancivia did respond to Idaho Dispatch’s request with an email statement. Here is what Arancivia said in the email:

My qualifications for the mayor’s office are as follows: I can coherently string more than one sentence together. I can do basic math in my head. I have no family members who are colluding with foreign nations to launder money on my behalf … oh and ‘Lets go Brandon!’

McGee did not respond to our request to interview.

For those who did not see Idaho Dispatch’s interviews with Trakel and Hyland, you can view them here (story continues below):

Who do you think Caldwell will elect as their next mayor?

Let us know in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “All Caldwell Mayoral Candidates Offered Chance to Interview with Idaho Dispatch

  1. Jorge is super elusive too, I have no clue what he even looks like.
    I mean haha to his response. But let’s be real, how serious has he really been for this? No foreign, but how about domestic. Who hired him to run?

  2. I find it very unfortunate that they choose not to use a legitimate forum to get their ideas and plans out to the voting public. Shame on them

  3. Thank you, Greg, for doing such a good job of interviewing Chris Trakel. You asked good questions that highlighted how focused Trakel is. I appreciate someone who understands budgets – personal and city.
    Hyland has some good ideas and has some good research but needs to work on her professionalism.
    I received over half a dozen postcards from McGee with zero new information on any of them, they were all identical, and finding out that he voted to raise our property taxes, shows that he is has no idea how to handle finances.

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