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Ada County Commissioners Nominate Dr. Ryan Cole to Fill CDH Vacancy

By • August 17, 2021

The Ada County Commissioners have nominated a new doctor to sit on the Central District Health Board.

The commissioners let Dr. Ted Epperly go from his position and instead chose to look for a replacement. Over the last few weeks, citizens have been making recommendations on who they wanted between three candidates. Those candidates were Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Stanley Moss, and Dr. Sky Blue.

Today, the Ada County Commissioners nominated Dr. Cole to be the next doctor to serve on the board.

Commissioner Ryan Davidson (R) made the motion to nominate Cole, and Commissioner Rod Beck (R) seconded the motion. Commissioner Kendra Kenyon (D) did not support the motion to support Cole and instead pushed for Moss to be nominated.

Beck said that out of the public communications received, most of it was in favor of Cole being nominated.

Beck also said in the meeting that the mayors of Star, Garden City, and Eagle also supported Cole’s nomination. During the meeting, Beck said he wanted to read the letters from the mayors of those cities for the record.

In closing, Beck said,

I would go to Dr. Cole if I had a medical issue. I trust him thoroughly.

Davidson said he was happy that the commissioners have made everything as transparent as they could. Davidson mentioned that they published every email received so that anyone could access what citizens were saying about who they wanted to appoint.

In closing, Davidson told the board,

The sentiment I am receiving has only increased for Dr. Cole. I think he is the right doctor for this appointment at this time. He’s been in the thick of it during the pandemic.

Once Davidson was done with his remarks, he made the official motion to nominate Cole.

Kenyon opposed appointing Cole and told the board,

I am adamantly opposed to appointing Dr. Cole to this position. I think it’s a sad day when this body would go against our medical community.

Kenyon went on to say that St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, Primary Health, and the VA had all weighed in and supported Blue for the nomination because she is an infectious disease expert. Kenyon also took issue with some of Cole’s previous statements about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Here is what Kenyon said about some of Cole’s statements:

I think comments he’s made calling the vaccine a “clot shot,” “needle rape,” saying that the vaccines are “poisonous and killing our population.” “We have to stop them now.”

Cole has previously said that he is not anti-vaccine but has specific concerns about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine that is being rolled out.

Kenyon also said that if she could not get support to nominate Blue, a compromise of getting Moss would be better. However, commissioners did not choose Blue or Moss in the end.

Now, a total of five commissioners from Valley County, Elmore County, and Boise County must vote to confirm Cole’s appointment.

Who did you support as the next doctor to serve on the Central District Health Board?

Let us know in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Ada County Commissioners Nominate Dr. Ryan Cole to Fill CDH Vacancy

  1. Dr. Ryan Cole is the correct choice. It’s a good to see we will now have more common sense on the Central District Health Board.

    Too bad Rod Beck didn’t vote Doug Traubel in for Ada County Sheriff a few weeks back. We need a Sheriff who will protect his people.

    Let’s hope Kendra Kenyon is replaced with a conservative soon.

    1. The issue is that the people have mostly lost faith in Idaho’s Bureaucratically Controlled Hospital’s and are quickly losing faith in our now hospital controlled doctors who’s hands are bound in what they can do.

      We simply no longer listen to a corrupt medical system’s dictates.

      The last thing needed is yet another insider.

      The People look forward to Truth, Common Sense and Zero Dictates from Central District Health.

  2. Its is now clear on who supports big pharma! Kendra Kenyon comments only gives us the resolve for the next election.

    Idahoans (a lot that have moved here from out of state) have realized that they are here to chew bubblegum and kickbutt in electing folks that represent us and guess what we are all out of bubblegum!

  3. Dr. Ryan Cole in my opinion was the best candidate for this job. I sent this same message to the County Commissioners. Thank You for listening to the publics opinion.

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