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Abortion Activists Arrested At March For Life

By • January 21, 2023

Abortion activists were arrested during protesting today’s March For Life event in Boise, Idaho.

Arrest footage can be found here: Idaho Abortion Rights Collective

This is a developing story, updates will be made available as the individuals arrested are booked into Ada County Jail.

Two women were arrested by the Boise City Police Department.

Only one was booked into The Ada County Jail.  Her booking information is pictured below.


It appears Ada County Jail is not publishing the booking photo for Ashlee Jean Worle.

The Idaho Dispatch will reach out to Ada County Jail for further information.


6p MT Saturday 1/21/23 UPDATE: Please review the audio below for Ada County’s answer regarding the booking photo:

7:28 P.M. MT Saturday 1/21/23 UPDATE: Ada County Jail publishes booking photo of Ashlee Jean Worlee.


3:20 P.M. MT Sunday 1/22/23 UPDATE: Idaho Tribune publishes booking information for Tiffani D Deems.

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28 thoughts on “Abortion Activists Arrested At March For Life

  1. Well, Well….. It will be interesting to see if the other side of the aisle is also given the “Bundy” treatment.

    1. Bundy would have been taken to the ground in the first second of resisting arrest, then tased if he didn’t go to the ground, and then given the maximum fine in prison sentence, and then the company in front would find a way to sue him, his family, his business, and anything he’s ever touched. Same thing happens to Trump supporters at the higher level.for now

  2. Idaho Chooses Life: RINO money laundering operation. They are the biggest false front organization in Idaho.

  3. Notice in Kamala’s speech to the obortion activists she conveniently left out the “life” part in the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

  4. So happy Abortion Activists are getting arrested. This state needs to crack down on lunatic protesters. Whilst everyone has a right to protest, one does not have the right to scream in another one’s face or do anything threatening or harmful to another person. I’ve about had it with transplant libs in our state.
    ~Life Begins At Conception ~

    1. I absolutely agree with everything you said But how do you know She’s a transplant. I’m just curious who voted for Brad little Boise mayor McLean, And the likes of them, They cannot be all transplants, I believe we have a lot of weak Lazy( RINO) republicans In this state that are not paying attention, And I believe that’s more of a problem. I believe there are a lot more of us than them We have to come together with our shared values Make sure we’re getting out and voting and we will WIN!! I’m so grateful for IFF, And there work They are doing Fighting the good fight

      1. You ask who voted for Brad Littlespine? Yes, a large percentage of lazy, mostly apathetic and ignorant Republican voters. I suspect what really pushed him over the top was the 15,000 Democrats that switched party affiliation to vote for the Republican most agreeable to them. Add to that the possibility of some emergency ballots entering the vote count stream in the middle of the night, like in 2020, or the easily riggable computerized vote counting systems we foolishly use here in Idaho.

          1. Kootenai has paper. I actually trust our elections here. They check ID and require a signature for a ballot. Wife & I did not vote for Little.

  5. The women were arrested because they broke the law. One used an unauthorized amplified megaphone to scream obscenities at praying grandmothers. The other pushed a police officer and resisted arrest. The officers should be commended for being professional and doing their jobs. Those who know how to do it better can apply at the Boise Police Department.

    1. Thank you! I just posted asking about why they were arrested, since the writer of the article doesn’t bother to tell us.

      The amplified megaphone is a preferred tool of the left, to drown out people. Surprised they didn’t have Antifa there with their sirens.

  6. The reporting could be better on this. What were they arrested for? I saw the video you link to, and can’t see them doing anything wrong, but we wouldn’t know from the article, which says nothing and seems to be all about booking photos. More information, please.

  7. This sounds like disturbing the peace as well. Idaho precedent has recently established that this carries a 6 month jail sentence per Judge Susan Clark.

  8. I wonder why the writer of the article didn’t say what these to women were doing? Doesn’t sound like a “fair and balanced” accounting. Thank you, Elaine Ambrose, for filling us in on the facts!

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