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A New Milestone for Idaho Dispatch!

By • April 21, 2022

Idaho Dispatch has surpassed two million page views in less than two years.

Slowly but surely, Idaho Dispatch is gaining steam. Citizens are beginning to talk to Idaho Dispatch and give us tips rather than going to the mainstream media.

Distrust in the media is the primary reason given to us for why people are sending us tips on major stories.

The goal of Idaho Dispatch has always been to leave out bias from our actual news articles. We may not be perfect when doing that, but every effort is given just to post the facts, let both sides of the story have their say, and then let readers decide what they want to believe from that information.

Idaho Dispatch has had conservative readers, moderates on both sides of the political spectrum, and liberal readers tell us they like our news articles because of our effort not to editorialize.

Yes, we post Op-Eds and Press Releases that are not written by Idaho Dispatch. Those pieces are not unbiased and not meant to be.

When it comes to news articles, though, every effort is made not to label people and leave out any personal bias we may have on a particular issue or about a particular person.

While we are excited about the growth over the last year, we have mentioned that we are re-evaluating whether or not we can keep this project going past June 3, which is our second anniversary.

We are still under our goal of monthly subscribers by June 3, with another 37 more subscribers needed.

If you enjoy Idaho Dispatch’s content and want to support a media outlet that does its best to be unbiased, please consider subscribing today!

Go to and choose the level you want. No matter what level you choose, we appreciate your support!

Even if you can’t afford to help support Idaho Dispatch right now, please continue to read and share our content.

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