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3 Names Sent to Gov. Little for Former Rep. von Ehlinger’s Replacement

By • May 4, 2021

Former Representative Aaron von Ehlinger (R-Lewiston) resigned last week after the House Ethics Committee asked the House to suspend him without pay for the rest of this legislative session and next legislative session.

Von Ehlinger, had the house concurred with a simple majority vote, would not have been allowed to serve out the remainder of his term. The House could have also removed von Ehlinger from office by a 2/3rd’s vote.

After von Ehlinger’s resignation, the District 6 Republican Central Committee picked three names and submitted them to Governor Brad Little who has to pick one of the names to fill the vacancy until the next election.

Here are the three names that were chosen by the committee:

Glen Baldwin
Robert Blair
Hannah Liedkie

It is unclear at this time if Little will try to pick von Ehlinger’s replacement before the session is over or if he will wait until after it is over. Idaho Dispatch reached out to Little’s Press Secretary, Marissa Hyer for comment but we have not yet received one at this time.

Currently, Idaho Dispatch is told that the legislature is likely not going to “Sine Die” until next week so if Little were to select a name in the next couple of days, that individual could be sworn in and possibly make a few votes prior to the legislature being done for the year.

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