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1st Congressional District Candidate Responses: Russ Fulcher (Republican Incumbent)

By • October 6, 2020

Why do you believe you are a better fit for this job than your opponent(s)?

I know Idaho and understand Washington DC, but my thinking and value system reflects that of most Idahoans. My family has been in the state for more than a hundred years, and my personal experience has been shaped by growing up on a family farm, 24 years in the international technology business, and 10 years as a state senator (while operating a commercial real estate brokerage). I’ve been blessed to play a key role in major state policy issues (like passing the largest tax cut in state history) Experience matters. Results matter.

After sponsoring hundreds of bills and casting thousands of votes at both the state and federal level, my record speaks for itself.  I will continue to stand for the 2nd Amendment, the right to life, and the rest of the Divinely guided constitutional principles that were basis for the founding of our nation.

Do you support a ban on any semi-automatic firearms, magazines based on capacity, and do you support Extreme Risk Protection Orders, commonly called “Red Flag laws?”


The spending in Congress has continued to increase for many years under both major political parties. What have you done, or what will you do to help get Congressional spending under control?

I have proposed a plan to the House Speaker that would reduce the federal deficit by employing entitlement reform and rolling economic growth revenue toward a pay-down of the national debt. The Speaker has refused to allow hearings for this plan (which is why I have consistently opposed budget approval).  So… I will continue to lobby for additional support and federal deficit reduction… one congressman at a time. I’m also a proud sponsor of the “One Subject at a Time Act” which would force bills introduced in congress to only address one subject matter at a time (giving us a better chance to control spending).

What is at least one issue you have been able to find, or would try to find, common ground with on the other side of the political aisle?

Four come to mind:

  1. Land Management. We have a long way to go, but even democrats don’t like the tons of carbon that gets kicked into the air and wildlife decimation that comes as a result of wildfires. And… they realize that most citizens don’t buy their argument that “climate change” is the cause.  Excess fuel load due to poor land management is clearly the big issue.
  2. Veteran-related issues.
  3. Savanna’s Act (of which I am a sponsor). This would pool gov’t resources to address problems having to do with missing or killed Native Americans.
  4. Prison Reform.

Do you believe more of Idaho’s lands under the control of the federal government need to be transferred over to the state of Idaho for management? Why or why not?

Yes.  This is the issue with the largest long-term economic impact facing the state of Idaho.  Most states took over the responsibilities of land management when they joined the union.  Idaho was not allowed to.  As a result, 62% of Idaho’s land mass remains under federal control, forcing Idahoans to function more as “tenants” than “landlords”. This impacts everything.  While most states have a broad-based property tax to finance legitimate government services, Idaho must rely on unpredictable, unstable federal grants. And federal money frequently comes with “strings attached” that are inconsistent with Idaho priorities.

The cost of healthcare continues to increase and people from all political backgrounds are frustrated with the high price of medical goods and services. What is the best way to get Idahoans cheap but quality healthcare and how would you help do that in Congress?

Put healthcare decisions where they belong… with patients and their families… not with the government.

I was an original champion opposing Obamacare and, as predicted, ever sense it passed – healthcare costs have gone up and accessibility has gone down. So I continue to oppose it and promote market-based alternative.

During my first term in Congress, I’ve supported combating high drug prices by co-sponsoring the “Lower Cost, More Cures Act (HR19)” and other related legislation. The idea here is to open up competition for drugs and require foreign governments to reimburse American taxpayers for the subsidies they’ve paid toward pharmaceutical development.

I’m also sponsoring bills to allow the use of HSAs for insurance premiums and deductibles which right now are not eligible. And I was the leader of the Idaho delegation in support of Idaho’s Enhanced Short Term Insurance Plans – which offers coverage for pre-existing conditions and also offers overall better coverage than some Obamacare plans and at a lower price.

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2 thoughts on “1st Congressional District Candidate Responses: Russ Fulcher (Republican Incumbent)

  1. Fulcher is solid on most issues, particularly 2A, but he was very quick to jump on the green card bandwagon with the RINO’s and Dimms. He needs to be watched closely.

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