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1st Congressional District Candidate Responses: Joseph Evans (Libertarian)

By • October 6, 2020

Why do you believe you are a better fit for this job than your opponent(s)?

I believe in listening to people in this state and understanding their needs. I can truly represent the values and interests of the people of Idaho because I actively take the time to understand what those things are.  I am a strong mediator and find solutions that help benefit everyone not just people I personally agree with or donate the most cash. The people in Idaho for the most part, want to down size the federal government and automate as many features that are left as possible so that citizens actually benefit from those features while spending less money. Like many of Idaho’s citizens, I have experience as a Veteran with an interest in ending the foreign wars and providing more support for Veterans and Service Members here at home because I understand their needs and the needs of their families. I want the people of Idaho to know I am here to truly represent them and to help create a strong community here with respect for our neighbors and freedom to be ourselves.

Do you support a ban on any semi-automatic firearms, magazines based on capacity, and do you support Extreme Risk Protection Orders, commonly called “Red Flag laws?”

No, I do not support bans on weapons of any kind or Red flag laws in any form. One exception would be violent felons on supervised probation/parole.

The spending in Congress has continued to increase for many years under both major political parties. What have you done, or what will you do to help get Congressional spending under control?

It is important that we #BringOurTroopsHome and cut military spending on force projection and Overseas Base Maintenance. Our military is supposed to protect our freedoms not be world police or protect oil interests for billionaires at the expense of tax payers.Repeal and replace the ACA to prevent insurance monopolies on healthcare and create options, significantly reducing government spending on healthcare via Medicare and Medicaid  by opening up competition and fair pricing.

Eliminate outdated bureaucracies in Washington D.C. and decentralize the rest by giving states primacy on previously Federal based programs.  By keeping our tax dollars local, we significantly reduce spending while benefitting from them more.

What is at least one issue you have been able to find, or would try to find, common ground with on the other side of the political aisle?

I am an excellent mediator and would especially work to be that in my role as a Congressman representing this great state. It is my duty as a Congressman to find solutions that benefit everyone not, to just act on a polarized divide.  I will always try to find common ground to get things done.  Let’s start with: Peace, let’s bring our troops home!
Medical Marijuana, give our service members access to the best treatments available for PTSI.

Do you believe more of Idaho’s lands under the control of the federal government need to be transferred over to the state of Idaho for management? Why or why not?

Until the Federal Reserve is audited, and debts called due, I don’t want to see any transfer of public lands only because of legal and financial issues.
However, the state should have primacy on land management and the environmental rules at the Federal level need repealed so that new theories of land management can be explored after the devastation caused by 40 years of doubling down on bad environmental policy.

The cost of healthcare continues to increase and people from all political backgrounds are frustrated with the high price of medical goods and services. What is the best way to get Idahoans cheap but quality healthcare and how would you help do that in Congress?

Repeal and replace the ACA, institute fair pricing for healthcare services (allow healthcare providers to set and advertise prices for services). Eliminate the ceiling placed on health care certifications so that competition improves and open up the healthcare options that have previously been considered “alternative medicine”.
Deschedule the controlled substances in a safe way so that “grow your own medicine” becomes an option for Americans again. We shouldn’t be limited to treatments by Big Pharma’s profit margins.

Visit me at @joeforidaho on Facebook to further discuss these and other issues together.  I wanna hear from you and politely discuss solutions.

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