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Boise Restaurant Asiago’s Hosting Weekly Drag Brunch, Children Attending

By • October 18, 2022

Downtown Boise restaurant Asiago’s is hosting a weekly drag brunch they are calling ‘Served.’

The series of events began on October 2, 2022 and is held every Sunday morning.

Boise Pride Festival’s Facebook page shared this video about the event:

Asiago’s owner Jamie Ponte-Burns spoke to the Idaho Dispatch ahead of the first event saying,

“I think anybody who wants to come out and experience this is really going to enjoy themselves. The bottom line for our concept is inclusiveness, we want everyone here and we want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time.”

See her full interview here:

Jamie Ponte-Burns Asiago’s Boise (

The Dispatch also spoke to the performer who is hosting the events, Coco Freeo, who had this to say,


Idaho Dispatch staff called ahead of the first event to ask if children would be allowed to attend. The employee we spoke to said yes, children were welcome. You can clearly see in this “Served Drag Brunch Boise” Instagram promotional video that some people do choose to bring children:

Representative Tammy Nichols weighed in, saying,

“The sexualization of children is being pushed more and more by society as a whole. This is child abuse.  We don’t take children to strip clubs, or adult movies, or sex stores, or adult comedy clubs, because there are adult spaces and children spaces for a reason. Why would men dressing up as women want to perform for children?
Let children be children and leave them out of the adult entertainment spaces.”
Idaho Dispatch Reporter David conducted the interviews for this article.

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52 thoughts on “Boise Restaurant Asiago’s Hosting Weekly Drag Brunch, Children Attending

    1. Yes this is just disgusting! Myself, my family and anyone I know will not be going to this establishment anytime soon !!! Go woke go broke !! Leave the kids alone

  1. Unfortunately, with the influx of woke liberals into the Boise area, they most likely won’t go broke any time soon.
    This story is the sad reality of today’s brazen, immoral society.

  2. They lost their mind! Food is shit anyway. A horrible gorgonzola on carbonara…Really! These cooks are a joke if you the think that is good. Dead to me. Go to Vicenzo Trattoria. Much better food.

    1. Gorgonzola on Carbonara?! wtf! enough said. That proves they lost their mind. No need to even discuss their stupid wokeness

  3. So, it’s easy to understand that the men dressing as woman have mental challenges, they are mentally ill and need help not affirmation. But, what about those people (men and women) who go to see this display of immorality? What about those who bring their children and subject them to this debauchery? I contend that they are mentally ill as well. Normal mentally healthy people do not behave this way.
    Unfortunately for them (and us) God has told us the following:
    “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11).”

    1. You’d be kicked off NextDoor in 2 seconds. There is no opposition to the jab or Drag Queen or trans stuff allowed on NextDoor. It’s completely Wokie.

  4. Stopped spending any money in downtown two years ago. Used to enjoy it but have found that Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell have great places to spend without having to tolerate this kind of garbage.

    1. Yes- Downtown eating and shopping has become less and less attractive.
      More like Portland or Seattle than what Boise used to be. Sad.
      Even Shopping along Milwaukee is disappointing. Go west, young person!
      (To Meridian, Nampa, etc) If that goes ‘south’, I guess Wyoming is an option.

  5. Disgusting, just like that lunatic mayor. They are all pretty awful people. And the idiots that take their kids to this should be prosecuted as sex offenders . Every drag queen that participates should be charged as sex offenders. You stupid pedophiles aren’t going to win.

  6. It is good that Idaho Dispatch is reporting as NON-biased…It is one of the few Media outlets in Idaho that are willing to report the truth.

    The deep state controlled leftist, globalist, fascist paid propaganda fake news MSM “NARRATIVE” that most media outlets in Idaho deliver is like green electric slime, which has caused actual misinformation, manipulation, propaganda, lies and false reporting to seem normal. Even to the point of weaponizing media against political adversaries.

    It is time that Idahoans recognize this out of balance attack on our minds, and we begin to organize together to form media groups and associations that replace the decades of biased electric green slime… We form not only non-biased networks, but also other networks to balance out the far left extremist, socialist reporting. Networks that build on family, truth, church, God, hard work, children learning math and English again, working together, communicating outside of big Tec and social media censorship.

    Support Idaho Dispatch. Thank them for their honesty. Lets work together to dominate the media landscape in Idaho, and get the message to all genuine Idahoans with balanced news and reporting. It will be great for Idahoans to have a source where they can have a place to check information that was presented in the paid propaganda far left globalist socialist fake news MSM arena, for accuracy.

    Please contact Idaho Dispatch to share ideas about how to grow and balance media in Idaho so that it reaches every door step.

  7. I don’t like the fact children are being subjected to adult forms of entertainment by people who have obvious mental health issues. I am curious though, besides men dressing up obnoxiously to look like an overdone fake woman what exactly does a drag show consist of? Are these people fully clothed? Are they stripping? Are they preforming sexually suggestive acts?

    I would never allow my children at an event like this because I think it’s morally bankrupt. However, as long as no sexual acts are suggested or preformed or stripping involved, I think calling this child abuse might be going too far. I don’t want anyone telling me how to raise my children and calling it child abuse if they don’t agree.

    1. Go check it out in order to get your answer. Myself, I’ve seen it on Jeremy Herrell’s podcast called Live from America. He’ll give you the truth and back it up with videos. If your interested here’s how to check him out: Then press the time of day box. Good luck

      1. Thanks, I’ll look at that. I’m not particularly “interested”, I think it’s good to know though so I understand the full picture and can judge accordingly.

    2. no it is not, anyone that would allow their kid to go and partake in a drag queen anything is a knucklehead parent and should’ve never had kids

  8. This is Idaho! Get this s!*# out of here. Shame on you Asiagos. Most people are NOT woke… you may get some extra business up front to all the immoral, sick and satanic few but your lack in tasty food will not sustain you. I’d never thought I’d say this but I hope this business dies! You Groomers!!!

  9. Maybe a prayer group surrounding the restaurant would work.
    In another city (Redding, Ca.) there was a Satan shop- what they sold there is a mystery, but that’s what they were.
    A local pastor had a group of people surround the shop, and prayed for God to bless them! (Asking God’s Will for the situation)
    For a couple weeks, they prospered like crazy. Word spread- then they were broken into because of this new ‘prosperity’.
    The store was ransacked- and had to close. End of problem. God works in ways that are different than ours. Just sayin’.

  10. Obviously well funded and planned retribution by the mentally sick reprobates disguised as “good food by great chef”
    We know the tactics.
    Be careful not to play into the lure-bait to incite negative action that they are hoping for so they can get publicity and play the victim hate discrimination card.
    So obvious!
    Shameful that they pervert children, if kids would not be allowed in an “exotic” dance venue what makes this ok?
    After all aren’t they claiming to be women too and they are sexually bouncing around so play by same rules. You should not have different rules then!
    I demand equal treatment, it’s an exotic dance venue and children should not be allowed just like any other adult venue.
    They not hide what they are really promoting- unrestricted SEX for all, no age limits.
    So don’t hide it, for once SAY IT LOUD SAY IT LOUD.
    Bottom line this is not about a great food & chef…
    It’s predatory behavior, it’s grooming & confusing kids it’s malicious and abusive towards towards the most vulnerable & innocent.

  11. I used to love Idaho when we lived there…I’m saddened to know this satanic, disgusting crap has infiltrated my former home.

  12. You can pray, go to Temple, boycott a business but if you want children to be banned from this type of behavior it will require the efforts of the Idaho Legislature. Contact your local RINO running as a “conservative” and see what he or she will do.

  13. It is sad that this has become acceptable behavior anywhere, but to have it here in Idaho! Freedom is not doing whatever you want, ie hedonism. People have rejected God and a moral and ethical life for one of selfishness and immorality. It will only get worse if we do not stand up for what is right and call out what is moral and ethically wrong.

  14. Sick bastards, including the owner and all that attend. Having it on Sunday is just plain evil. I wonder if they have a sign in the bathroom, “Employees, please wash your hands”

  15. it was bound to happen they just cant stay in their communities they have to spread this virus to the world and conservatives states are there preferred target.

        What the hell is entertaining about a bunch of freaks cross dressing. I have a good friend who is Gay and what he does in his bedroom is his business, but shoving this drag crap on everyone else is BS.

      2. For me, there is no ‘fear’ involved. That’s more you: Afraid that your liberal cultists will reject you if you don’t buy into the wokeness rules and regulations.

        It’s disgust and a healthy understanding that grooming little kids is wrong.

    1. Well we should separate the trans from the gay community (which is happening more and more). Gay is a sexual orientation, and trans is not. It’s mostly heterosexuals that are confused about their sex or gender, and disphoric, and forcing society to buy into their delusions. I have a lot of gay friends who want nothing to do with this crap or the trans agenda in general. The trans are groomers & have a lot of pedos and pervs in their ranks. “Inclusion” b.s. gives them carte blanche to prey on kids right out in the open.

  16. No one’s jacking your kids off at the table or even showing an indecent amount of leg hahaha!! The fucking boomers in this city blow my mind with their unfiltered hate. The same kids you’re worried about are forced to go to church where deacon miller is playing with your boys balloon knot or forced to wear political propaganda clothes to school to further your ignorant stance on how you think the entire country should be run!! This is meant to be fun and funny and entertaining!! Calm the Fuck down boomers!!! Y’all used to smoke in the car with the windows up get outta here with your unnecessary fears and hatred for fucks sake hahaha!!! ZERO CHILDREN WILL BE DRESSING IN DRAG YOU SIMPLE MINDED TARDS!!!

    1. And yet there are plenty of kids being dressed in drag.

      Look up Jazz Jennings… his mother made a bundle off it.

      BTW, it’s not just ‘boomers’ (funny you prefer groomers), but people of all ages who repudiate this. Also, it’s not the religious (I’m not). It’s people with a sense of decency that realize that adult fetish is not something to shove in childrens’ faces.

    2. There is definitely a difference in education here based on your posts. It’s a shame that civility is absent from your dialogue as it commands more respect. When I read posts like yours I have no inclination to consider what you say as meaningful or valid. Resorting to insults of those whom you are speaking with never proves your position. It merely demonstrates an angry person losing an argument before it’s even begun.

  17. Don’t get this wrong but I have O use for this trash and even less for people under 21 to be allowed.
    On one hand everyone talks about freedom of speech, right to bear arms, and the conservative life in Idaho being the greatest things of all. The religious statements are the best.
    I’m not much of a organized religious person, but doesn’t God point blank state that he will be the judge in the end and it is not up to you. Ask yourself So just how did you get so holy to judge others.
    As long as it does not affect others leave them alone, Should it have regulations like a strip joint, bar, smoking, vaping, ect. probably so.

    1. Chuck, God does say to speak truth and to be a light in darkness and to rebuke those who know the gospel yet walk away from truth. And yes, judgment is God’s but he doesn’t say walk away from discernment or to leave the innocent in harm’s way. A lot of these trans people have been abused themselves and have no real moral belief system to rely on. They of all need to hear what they promote is more of the same. Moral depravity and a sould damned for hell if they can’t hear and understand truth.

  18. Well that’s one restaurant I won’t be patronizing.

    This sick indoctrination of children into adult fetish is VERY disturbing. I keep asking WHY adult fetish entertainment was chosen to represent “diversity” and “inclusion” and I have not gotten a decent reason yet… it’s apparent why. Completely indefensible.

  19. How are these freaks able to walk around without getting a serious beat down ?
    You might as well let the Cartels open a drug store in boise also. Maybe a ISIS recruiting center to.
    Whats next, a Child Sex shop ?

  20. Why does Idaho Dispatch allow filth language in the comment section? Such language is just as disgusting as the subject commented on. People who use such language are just as perverted as the drag queens!!!

  21. Do these sponsors, hosts, participants, and supporters realize these “drag” activities and school “drag” curriculums and foundational propaganda are basic tactics of marxist communism which has infiltrated every corner of our economic, social, educational, and religious daily life? Do we understand what goes on in the concentration camps of the ccp?

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